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Bufo alvarus vs Bufo americanus?
by TechnoShaman
Jun 16, 1993
>Ok, I got a couple of questions and and help or knowledge would be greatly
>appreciated. First of all, what is the percent composition of 5-MeO-DMT in
>the skins of dried Bufo Americanus skins?

Absolutely none; you want Bufo Alvarus -not americanus. According to "Venomous Animals and Their Venoms" (highly recommended), the venom (from B Alvarus) contains 6-16% 5MeO-DMT- the rest is mostly mucus. As for the whole skin; why kill the toad when you can milk it for its venom? I recall the skin percentage to be something like 0.3-0.1% by weight (since this probably includes the venom glands, it really isn't much). Americanus skin has mostly bufotenin which has never been shown to be psychedelic below toxic doses. It also contains some adrenal poisons. Bad idea. Leave them poor little froggies alone!

>How much would one have to smoke to
>get the "effects"?

An active dose is 2-5 milligrams. You do the math.

>Must it be freebased (i.e. smoked in a "crack pipe"), or
>can it be mixed in with a little MJ and smoked through a pipe?

Either way will work, but freebasing is much more efficient. More will be pyrolized if you mix the stuff with a burning substance.

>Has anyone had >any experience with the skins sold from JLF?

What the heck would you do with those? Those are not Bufo Alvarus, and hence contain NO 5-MeO-DMT. All they have are bufotenin and steroidal poisons related to adreneline. Yukky stuff; the Bufo Marinus skin is potentially lethal (this is the stuff that young punks in Callifornica are licking & getting sick from. According to a herpetologist I know, B. Marinus is a controlled substance in Callie.)

You want some Bufo Alvarus; Sonoran desert toad; Colorado River Toad. They sell them in the petstore near my house & there are plenty of other places you ken get them, but I am not going to tell you where. Why not?

Because, if you are not smart enough to find 'em yourself, you should not even attempt this. Besides; I tell you, you tell someone else, eventually the gestapo find out and everyone else is PHUCKED for posession of a controlled amphibian.