The Sonoran Desert Toad


Bufo alvarius

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260 true toads have currently been identified by scientists:

Scientific Name - Vernacular Name
Bufo achalensis
Bufo acutirostris
Bufo ailaoanus
Bufo alvarius - Sonoran Desert toad
Bufo amabilis
Bufo amatolicus - Amatola toad
Bufo amboroensis
Bufo americanus - American Toad
Bufo anderssoni
Bufo andrewsi
Bufo angusticeps - Sand toad
Bufo arabicus
Bufo arborescandens
Bufo arenarum
Bufo arequipensis
Bufo arunco
Bufo asmarae
Bufo asper
Bufo aspinius
Bufo atacamensis
Bufo atukoralei - Atukorale's Dwarf Toad
Bufo bankorensis
Bufo baxteri - Wyoming Toad
Bufo beddomii
Bufo beebei
Bufo beiranus
Bufo bergi
Bufo biporcatus - Phillipine Toad
Bufo blanfordii
Bufo blombergi
Bufo bocourti
Bufo boreas - Western Toad
Bufo brauni
Bufo brevirostris
Bufo brongersmai
Bufo buchneri
Bufo bufo - Common Toad
Bufo burmanus
Bufo caeruleostictus
Bufo calamita - Natterjack Toad
Bufo californicus - Arroyo toad
Bufo camerunensis
Bufo campbelli
Bufo canaliferus
Bufo canorus - Yosemite Toad
Bufo castaneoticus
Bufo cataulaciceps
Bufo cavifrons
Bufo celebensis
Bufo ceratophrys
Bufo chavin
Bufo chudeaui
Bufo claviger
Bufo coccifer
Bufo cognatus - Great Plains Toad
Bufo compactilis
Bufo coniferus
Bufo cophotis
Bufo corynetes
Bufo cristatus
Bufo cristiglans
Bufo cristinae
Bufo crucifer
Bufo cryptotympanicus
Bufo cycladen
Bufo cyphosus - Projective-occiputed Toad
Bufo damaranus
Bufo danatensis - Middle Asiatic Toad
Bufo danielae
Bufo dapsilis
Bufo debilis -Green Toad
Bufo dhufarensis
Bufo diptychus
Bufo divergens
Bufo djohongensis
Bufo dodsoni
Bufo dombensis - Dombe toad
Bufo dorbignyi
Bufo empusus
Bufo exsul - Black Toad
Bufo fastidiosus
Bufo fenoulheti - Fenoulhet's toad
Bufo fernandezae
Bufo fissipes
Bufo fluviaticus
Bufo fowleri - Fowler's Toad
Bufo fractus
Bufo fuliginatus
Bufo funereus
Bufo fustiger
Bufo gabbi
Bufo galeatus
Bufo gallardoi
Bufo gargarizans - Asiatic Toad
Bufo gariepensis - Karoo toad
Bufo garmani - Garman's toad
Bufo gemmifer
Bufo glaberrimus
Bufo gnustae
Bufo gracilipes
Bufo grandisonae
Bufo granulosus
Bufo guentheri
Bufo gundlachi
Bufo guttatus
Bufo gutturalis - Guttural toad
Bufo hadramautinus
Bufo haematiticus
Bufo hemiophrys -Canadian Toad
Bufo himalayanus - Himalayan toad
Bufo hoeschi - Hoesch's toad
Bufo holdridgei
Bufo hololius
Bufo houstonensis - Houston Toad
Bufo hypomelas
Bufo ibarrai
Bufo ictericus
Bufo inca
Bufo intermedius
Bufo inyangae - Inyanga Toad
Bufo iserni
Bufo japonicus
Bufo jimi
Bufo justinianoi
Bufo juxtasper
Bufo kabischi
Bufo kassasii
Bufo kavangensis
Bufo kelloggi - Little Mexican Toad
Bufo kerinyagae
Bufo kisoloensis - Kisolo toad
Bufo kotagamai - Kotagama's dwarf toad
Bufo koynayensis
Bufo kumquat
Bufo langanoensis
Bufo latastii - Ladakh Toad
Bufo latifrons
Bufo lemairii - Lemaire's toad
Bufo lemur
Bufo leucomyos
Bufo limensis
Bufo lindneri
Bufo longinasus
Bufo lonnbergi
Bufo luetkenii
Bufo lughenisis
Bufo lughensis
Bufo luristanicus
Bufo macrocristatus
Bufo macrotis
Bufo maculatus - Flat-backed toad
Bufo margaritifer
Bufo marinus - Cane toad
Bufo marmoreus
Bufo mauritanicus
Bufo mazatlanensis
Bufo melanochlorus
Bufo melanopleura
Bufo melanostictus - Southeast Asian toad
Bufo mexicanus
Bufo microscaphus - Arizona toad
Bufo microtympanum
Bufo minshanicus
Bufo mocquardi
Bufo nasicus
Bufo nebulifer
Bufo nelsoni
Bufo nesiotes
Bufo noellerti
Bufo nyikae - Nyika dwarf toad
Bufo oblongus
Bufo occidentalis
Bufo ocellatus
Bufo olivaceus - Olive Toad
Bufo pageoti
Bufo pantherinus - Western leopard toad
Bufo pantherinus
Bufo paracnemis - Cururu Toad
Bufo pardalis - Leopard toad
Bufo parietalis
Bufo parkeri
Bufo parvus
Bufo peltocephalus
Bufo pentoni
Bufo periglenes - Sapo Dorado
Bufo peripatetes
Bufo perplexus
Bufo perreti
Bufo pewzowi
Bufo philippinicus
Bufo poeppigii
Bufo poweri - Power's toad
Bufo proboscideus
Bufo pseudoraddei - Swat green toad (Bufo pseudoraddei pseudoraddei)
Bufo punctatus - Red-Spotted Toad
Bufo pygmaeus
Bufo quadriporcatus
Bufo quechua
Bufo quercicus - Oak toad
Bufo raddei - Mongolian Toad
Bufo rangeri - Ranger's toad
Bufo reesi
Bufo regularis
Bufo retiformis - Sonoran green toad
Bufo robinsoni - Paradise toad
Bufo roqueanus
Bufo rubropunctatus
Bufo rufus
Bufo rumbolli
Bufo scaber
Bufo schmidti
Bufo schneideri
Bufo sclerocephalus
Bufo scorteccii
Bufo silentvalleyensis
Bufo simus
Bufo speciosus - Texas Toad
Bufo spiculatus
Bufo spinulosus
Bufo stanlaii
Bufo steindachneri
Bufo stejnegeri
Bufo sternosignatus
Bufo stomaticus - Indus Valley toad
Bufo stuarti
Bufo sumatranus
Bufo superciliaris
Bufo surdus - Iranian toad
Bufo tacanensis
Bufo taiensis
Bufo taitanus - Taita toad
Bufo taladai
Bufo terrestris - Southern toad
Bufo tibetanus
Bufo tihamicus
Bufo togoensis
Bufo torrenticola - Japanese Stream Toad
Bufo tuberculatus
Bufo tuberosus
Bufo turkanae
Bufo tutelarius
Bufo urunguensis
Bufo uzunguensis
Bufo valhallae
Bufo valliceps - Gulf Coast toad
Bufo variegatus
Bufo vellardi
Bufo veraguensis
Bufo verrucosissimus - Caucasian Toad
Bufo vertebralis - Pygmy toad
Bufo villiersi
Bufo viridis - Green Toad
Bufo vittatus
Bufo wolongensis
Bufo woodhousii - Woodhouse's Toad
Bufo xeros
Bufoides meghalayanus
Capensibufo rosei - Rose's toad
Capensibufo tradouwi - Tradouw's toad
Pseudobufo subasper

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