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Is it possible to take LSD through the eyes?
Q: Is it possible to take liquid LSD through the eyes? I have heard this gives an intense effect in a matter of minutes, but I am scared to put something as strong as acid in my eyes without knowing what it will do.

A: You are wise to be scared of this. While LSD probably would work if taken in this way, you have to keep in mind that LSD is a black market drug. There are no quality controls on illegal drugs, and you have no way of knowing what else is in the liquid other than LSD. While it could be just harmless water, it could also contain solvents or various impurities that might damage your eyes.

I'm also skeptical that taking it in this way would practically be any faster than taking it the usual way. One of the fastest ways of taking any drug is to put it under the tongue, an area which is also rich in blood vessels. Compared to this, it is not clear that putting the chemical in your eye would actually increase the rate of absorption enough to be of interest, even if putting LSD on the eye will probably cause it to be absorbed quickly.

Further, Erowid has seen people who put LSD drops in their eye and experienced unpleasant itching, tears, and discoloration for 6-24 hours after. Although not everyone who tries dropping LSD into their eyes those symptoms, it sounds pretty awful to have eye problems during a trip.

Please also note that some people hear about dosing in their eye and actually place blotter on their eye, this is something to avoid. The hard fibers of the blotter paper can scratch the sclera (white) of the eye, causing redness and swelling, and if it moved onto the lens, it could do damage to one's eyesight.

Putting it in your eye doesn't seem to offer any significant benefit, but is definately much riskier. Your eyesight is nothing to play around with.

Asked By : Ro
Answered By : murple, earth
Published Date : 1 / 5 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 12 / 20 / 2006
Question ID : 1769

Categories: [ LSD ]

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