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2-Aminoindan Journal Articles & Abstracts
by Erowid


Biological disposition of rigid analogs of amphetamine, by Fuller RW, Baker JC, Molloy BB.
J Pharm Sci Feb 1977; 66(2):271-272

Comparison of biological effects of N-alkylated congeners of beta-phenethylamine derived from 2-aminotetralin, 2-aminoindan, and 6-aminobenzocycloheptene., by Cannon JG, Perez JA, Pease JP, Long JP, Flynn JR, Rusterholz DB, Dryer SE.
J Med Chem Jul 1980; 23(7):745-9

Structure-activity relationships of 2-aminotetralins and 2-aminoindanes: inhibitory neuroeffector mechanisms in isolated guinea-pig ilea., by Arneric SP, Maixner W, Long JP, Mott J, Barfknecht CF, Perez JA, Cannon JG.
Arch Int Pharmacodyn Ther. Jul 1982; 258(1):84-99

Structural variation and (+)-amphetamine-like discriminative stimulus properties., by Oberlender R, Nichols DE.
Pharmacol Biochem Behav. Mar 1991; 38(3):581-6