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25C-NBOMe (2C-C-NBOMe)
by Erowid
Archived Images #
2C-C-NBOMe #
Baggie of tan-colored chemical from Polish vendor, marked "Not for human consumption. For GC/MS reference only. Harmful."
Photo by H2O. © 2011
25C-NBOMe salt, bought online from Canada. [BC, Canada]
Photo by Plutonic. © 2011
25C-NBOMe (blotter) #
Five hits of 25C-NBOMe blotter, each 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch, dosed at 1 mg each and bearing an Android logo. [CA, USA]
Photo by Anonymous. © 2013
500 ug 25C-NBOMe blotter with yellow smiley faces. [Buckinghamshire, UK]
Photo by Anonymous. © 2012
A single hit of 25C-NBOMe (25C-NBOMe) on blotter inside of an open matchbox. [AK, USA]
Photo by Biskit. © 2012
Two hits of 25C-NBOMe blotter with smiley faces.
Photo by W.S. © 2012
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