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Early 1960's 4-methylaminorex was first synthesized and its anorexigenic and stimulant properties discovered by George Poos and his research group at McNeil labs in Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania. Attention was primarily directed at the anorexegenic properties and the central effects were regarded as unwanted side effects.   
1963 The 1st published report of 4-methylaminorex appeared in 'The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry'. 1, 2  
1963-1966 Several patents issued for 4-methylaminorex 1) Belgian Patent 628,803 (June 16, 1963) 2) French Patent M2448 (May 4, 1964) 3) U.S. Patent 3,161,650 (Dec 15, 1964) 4) U.S. Patent 3,278,382 (Oct 11, 1966)   
1963-1967 Several new papers about 4-methylaminorex published in scholarly journals.   
1986 First death associated with 4-methylaminorex takes place in Florida. 3  
Aug 13, 1987 DEA proposes the emergency scheduling of 4-methylaminorex. 30 day (minimum) period of comment is required. 4  
Oct 15, 1987 4-methylaminorex is temporarily placed in Schedule I for a period of one year by emergency ruling of the DEA. 4  
Oct 13, 1988 DEA extends the emergency scheduling of 4-methylaminorex by 6 months (the legal maximum extension). 4  
Apr 13, 1989 4-methylaminorex is "permanently" placed in schedule I. 4  

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