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Modern humans must learn how to relate to psychoactives
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working to minimize harms and maximize benefits, and
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by Erowid
Caution :   Reactions and experiences may vary dramatically from person to person. [see below]
4-MeO-PCP Duration
( very tentative )
Total Duration
12 - 20 hrs
45 - 120 mins
Coming Up
1 - 2 hrs
3 - 7 hrs
Coming Down
6 - 10 hrs
After Effects
6+ hrs
Hangover / Day After
4-MeO-PCP Duration
( very tentative )
Total Duration
12 - 18 hrs
5 - 15 mins
Coming Up
15 - 30 mins
3 - 6 hrs
Coming Down
6+ hrs
After Effects
6+ hrs
Hangover / Day After
  • Increase in energy / stimulation
  • Euphoria
  • Pleasant mental and/or body high
  • Disconnected thoughts
  • Sense of calm
  • Increased sociability, loss of inhibitions
  • Closed- and open-eye visuals
  • Shifts in perception of reality
  • Increased heart rate (lower doses)
  • Altered time perception
  • Disrupted speech patterns
  • Analgesia (decreased pain awareness) and numbness
  • Distorted sensory perceptions, hallucinations
  • Unusual and unpredictable behavior
  • Mild to moderate dissociation
  • Confusion, disorientation
    (negative side effects increase with higher doses and redosing)
  • Disturbing hallucinations and/or delusions
  • Anxiety, paranoia
  • Severe dissociation, depersonalization
  • Ataxia (loss of motor coordination)
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Temporary amnesia
  • Severe distortion or loss of auditory/visual perception
General Effects Notes
The effects of 4-MeO-PCP are usually compared to PCP or ketamine, but there are too few experience reports with reliably sourced material to say much with confidence. It seems to be less potent than both ketamine or PCP. Reports of negative effects increase with redosing. People are reporting mild but noticeable effects persisting into the next day.

Addiction and Compulsive Use
It is not yet known how addictive or likely 4-MeO-PCP is to cause compulsive use. Effects last long enough that redosing is not common, however, related substances have been associated with compulsive redosing. Because its use is so new and uncommon, no definitive statements about it can yet be made.
Erowid's effects information is a summary of data gathered from users, research, and other resources. This information is intended to describe the range of effects people report experiencing. Effects may vary dramatically from one person to another or one experience to another based on a variety of factors such as body chemistry, age, gender, physical health, dose, form of material, etc.