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4-MTA is a synthetic stimulant which has been seen primarily in Europe. Effects include mild stimulation (less than amphetamine or mdma) lasting for up to 12 hours. Because of the low level of effects and high level of unwanted side effects, most people try it only once. 4-MTA has been sold over-the-counter in smart shops in Holland for several years (1998-2000) and has also been sold, in tablet form, as "ecstasy" on the street.

4-MTA is a potent serotonin-releaser, and has been responsible for several deaths in Europe during the last few years (1998-2001).
Dose #
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Price #
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4-MTA is not scheduled in the United States, so it is legal to possess. It has been placed in Schedule I by the U.N. Narcotics Commission.
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Pharmacology #
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Production #
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History #
4-MTA originated out of research being done by David Nichols at Purdue University.
Terminology / Slang #
The Substance:
4-MTA; Flatliner; Goldeneagle.
The Experience:
No common terms known.
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Contraindications #
  • Do not take 4-MTA if you are currently taking an MAOI. MAOIs are most commonly found in the prescription anti-depressants Nardil (phenelzine), Parnate (tranylcypromine), Marplan (isocarboxazid), Eldepryl (l-deprenyl), and Aurorex or Manerix (moclobemide). Ayahuasca also contains MAOIs (harmine and harmaline). 4-MTA and MAOIs are a potentially dangerous combination. Check with your doctor if you are not sure whether your prescription medication is an MAOI.
  • Do not operate heavy machinery. Do Not Drive.
  • If you have a seizure or convulsive disorder or heart problems, you may be at higher risk for health problems when taking 4-MTA. Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar closely as there have been some reports of problems.
  • Individuals currently in the midst of emotional or psychological upheaval in their everyday lives should be careful about choosing to use psychedelics such as 4-MTA as they can trigger even more difficulty.
  • Individuals with a family history of schizophrenia or early onset mental illness should be extremely careful because psychedelics have been known to trigger latent psychological and mental problems.
Addiction Potential #
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Long Term Health Problems #
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Risk of Death #
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