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Archived Images #
5-MAPB #
A ziplock plastic bag containing 5-MAPB powder aside five field test reagents from Powder was verified by field test and GC/MS to contain 5-MAPB. [CA, USA]
Photo by Erowid. © 2014
A white crystalline solid of 5-MAPB with label from vendor.
Photo by Borax. © 2014
A photo of lab-verified 5-MAPB white crystalline powder on a black dish. The material was fluffy so that this pile appeared to be substantially more material than it was by mass. [CA, USA]
Photo by Erowid . © 2014
Field Reagent Test Reactions #
A white ceramic well plate with MDMA, MDPV, and 5-MAPB tested with Marquis, Mecke, and Mandelin reagents just under 3 minutes total run time. 5-MAPB appears as a dark brown smokey reaction to Marquis, a similar brown-black smokey color with Mecke, and a purple-red color with Mandelin reagent.
Photo by Erowid . © 2014
5-MAPB and field reagent test reactions. The top row of the plate is unused, the second row is "blank" (just the reagents themselves with no chemical, and the bottom row is the reagents mixed with 5-MAPB at about 60 seconds after initial reaction.
Photo by Erowid. © 2014
Molecules #
Still 2D image of the 5-MAPB molecule.
Image by Erowid. © 2014
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