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by Erowid
1967 alpha-PVP is first patented.    [More Info]
Early 2013 a-PVP first becomes available in the United States, sparking several media articles. It is called "gravel" by some.   
Jan 29, 2013 a-PVP is first seen in a tablet submitted for testing to EcstasyData.    [Details] [More Info]
Apr 1, 2013 First medical peer reviewed journal mention of alpha-PVP, in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology. 1   [More Info]
2014 a-PVP gains some popularity and a wider distribution under the name "flakka".   
Jan 28, 2014 a-PVP is placed in schedule I in the United States, by emergency scheduling procedure.   

  1.   Marinetti LJ, Antonides HM. “Analysis of synthetic cathinones commonly found in bath salts in human performance and postmortem toxicology: method development, drug distribution and interpretation of results”. J Anal Toxicol. Spr 12 2013;37(3):135-46.