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Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: ppennane@klaava.Helsinki.FI (Petrus Pennanen)
Subject: Re: IT-290????
Message-ID: <1993Jun3.135727.22274@klaava.Helsinki.FI>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1993 13:57:27 GMT

In article <> (Pierre St. Hilaire) writes:
>	IT-290 is an anticholinergic drug related to scopolamine and
>the other tropane alkaloids found in solanaceous plants.

No. IT-290 (alfa-methyl-tryptamine):
	      // \       /\   NH2
	     //   \ ____/  \ / 
	     |    ||   ||   |  
	     |    ||   ||   |
	     \\   /\   /    CH3
	      \\ /  \ /

Oral dosage 30 mg.

Mckenna, Dennis J. & Towers, G.H.N. 1984. Biochemistry and Pharmacology of
  Tryptamines and beta-Carbolines: A Minireview. J Psychoactive Drugs 16(4).

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From: (James Brundege)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs,alt.drugs.psychedelics
Subject: Re: IT-290 ?? What's it like ?
Date: 26 Dec 1994 11:24:24 -0700
Message-ID: <>

In article <3dfuuf$> Lamont Granquist writes:

>What *is* the chemical structure of it?  "IT-290" is vaguly familiar,
>but offhand i can't recall what structure it goes with.  The chemical
>name would be much more useful.
>Actually, this should probably go in the alt.drugs FAQ somewhere.  Names

>Lamont Granquist

Uh, I think this has already been discussed here.  For completeness I'll
just repost the article I downloaded some time ago.

James Brundege


Article 1081 (7 more) in alt.drugs.psychedelics:
From: chris

Subject: Re: IT-290
Date: 10 Nov 1994 02:23:59 GMT
Organization: XS4ALL, networking for the masses

Reginald Carey  writes:


>  I have a question.  Is there anyone out there that has 
>experience (either subjective or objective) with the drug IT-290.  It's 
>chemical name is alpha-methyltryptamine ( or 3-(2-Aminopropyl)indole) and 
>it was manufactured by Sandoz and Upjohn under various trade names.  I'm 
>just looking for the effects that it causes but if you happen to have 
>worked a synthesis, I'd appreciate that as well.  Thanks in advance.

>Carpe Trunkem...

YES! I happen to have experienced alfa-methyltryptamine! A few months ago
I posted a question to meet any colleagues on the net, without any luck then.

I am a biochemist and I found an old container with alfa-M that was going 
to be disposed when the fridges of my lab had to be cleaned out.
Nobody remembered who ever ordered it or what it ever had been used for.
So I took care of that ;-))!
Because of its structure it was likely that it was either a psychedelic 
like psilocybine or it could have stimulant properties because it also 
looks like amphetamine.

To be precis it was from Aldrich Europe in Belgium, 
the bottle says: alfa-Methyltryptamine 99% MW 174.25 
It looks like a somewhat off-white powder of tiny crystals,
with a strong smell of indole and skatole ( not really nice crap smell)
It must have been te free-base because it evaporated over a small flame 
without charring or leaving any residue, which came in handy
because this way it was "baseable"

The vial was tiny and there must have been about 100 mgram in there.

I had been warned for these tryptamines because once I O.D.ed  myself on
10 mg!! (hardly a pencilpoint big of an amount) of 
5 MeO-NN-Dimethyltryptamine,, the stronger brother of DMT.
( that was back in those days, 1984, when Sigma Chemical still sold this 
stuff without any questions asked , alas..)

So, I started out with 4 mg intranasally, whch burns and smells bad
The effect took quite a while to come on , even by this route of ingestion.
After half a hour BINGO a very slowly building of A DEFINITIVE PSYCHEDELIC!
feeling came on. It keeps building slowly but strongly for another two hours 
untill a plateau is reached which lasts almost four hours after which a very
slow decline sets in. 18 hours after ingestion, after 7 hours of sleep I 
awoke still feeling the effect.

Qualitatively, I found it very comparable to the general effects of 
psilocybine, maybe milder with a less intense, but much longer peak. 
It certainly is a very maneageable experience, not as profound as LSD, 
i.e. no compulsive, unstoppable 'thought trains' (DMT) or 'internal 
dialogues' that i usually have on acid an that get boring after a few times.
Just a lot of very good spirit, energetic feeling, enhanced colors,
attractive rhytms in music. Party Stuff!, even at 5 mg.
A very ideal compound I would say! (Just thinking of it right now gets me 
back into that feeling.... Oh you alt.psychedlics readers know.

I was surprised by the pharmacokinetic effect of a slight rearrangement 
of the methyl(s)  i.e on the alpha carbon instead of on the 'N'

Whereas my 5MeODMT experiences at 5 mg were very intense but lasted only 
half an hour, Alfa-M stays with you for at least a whole evening,
of partying. I.e. going out to a place with good music on a quiet 
evening, where you have some space to jerk around, while having a 
few carefull beers.
What I especially liked about the stuff is that it acts so 'reliably'
long. You're already feeling good after an hour and there's still so much 

On other occassions me and a friend ingested it by evaporating a tiny little
heap on a piece of alufoil over a lighter flame and inhaling the vapour 
through a tube, with the same effect, but very controlable.

The bottle is empty now, and i have no clue where or how to obtain some more.

But.. it's shroom season again!