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Newport News man admits making, selling Foxy drug
April 2, 2002

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By TIM MCGLONE, The Virginian-Pilot NORFOLK -- A Newport News man admitted in federal court Monday that he manufactured and sold the new drug Foxy from his apartment.

Navy enlistee Michael D. Wolfe, 22, pleaded guilty to manufacturing, distributing and possessing Foxy, or Foxy Methoxy, a hallucinogen more powerful than similar drugs on the black market.

Wolfe was one of three men arrested in the case and the first convicted. They are accused of making and selling Foxy and another hallucinogen, AMT. The drugs are more potent than Ecstasy and DET, two illegal hallucinogens known as club or designer drugs.

Federal officials said the drugs produced by Wolfe caused some users to become ill and require hospitalization.

Federal agents searched Wolfe's home last month and discovered pounds of drugs ready to be turned into pills. Assistant U.S. Attorney Laura Tayman said in court that agents also found a $4,000 machine used to press powder drugs into tablets.

Court records show that Wolfe did not directly sell the pills, but was present when codefendants made the sales to undercover police and informants. Wolfe said during one of those sales that he acted as the "guinea pig'' to test AMT, the records said.

On March 14, when agents arrived to search Wolfe's apartment on Louise Drive in Newport News, he had a .38-caliber revolver in his hand. The gun was not loaded and he was arrested without incident.

Wolfe will be sentenced July 8.