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Fatalities / Deaths
by Erowid
Below is information about several bromo-dragonfly-related deaths, as well as deaths and injuries from bromo-dragonfly sold as other substances (2C-B-Fly and 2C-E).

If you know of a confirmed fatality that is not listed on this page, please let us know.

Pharmacological fatalities are those deaths caused by the direct action of a plant or drug in the body, not including deaths caused by accidents or as a result of inebriated behavior.

Incident: Andrew Akerman & Stacy Jewell, 2011
On May 7, 2011, eight young people took bromo-dragonfly, thought to be 2C-E. Stacy Jewell, 22, died soon after taking the drug. Andrew Ackerman died several days later. The other six were also treated medically. "Second Victim Dies After Taking Designer Drug In Konawa". May 13, 2011.
Andrew Akerman has been listed in critical condition since taking the drug, but authorities said he died Friday morning. Investigators said eight people took the powerful hallucinogenic, which has similar effects to ecstasy, at a home in Konawa on May 7. After chemical analysis of the drug, officials now believe the actual substance was another powerfully-hallucinogenic designer drug know as Bromo-DragonFLY.
Incident: Brian Sullivan, 2009
On October 3, 2009, Brian Sullivan died in California after ingesting 9 mg of purported 2C-B-fly. The material was ordered from an online vendor believed to have sold bromo-dragonfly incorrectly labelled as 2C-B-fly.
Erowid. "Information on Reported Deaths Related to 2C-B-Fly". Oct 10, 2009.
Brian began having a difficult trip at two hours after ingestion. At three and a half hours after ingestion he began having what appeared to be seizures but could have been strokes or a heart attack, or a combination of those. 911 was called and CPR was performed. He died approximately four hours after ingestion.
Incident: Anonymous male, 2007
According to news reports and one journal article, a Danish man was hospitalized and another killed by toxic effects of bromo-dragonfly in September, 2007.
Erowid. "Bromo-Dragonfly Death and Hospitalization in Sweden". Aug 16, 2008.
Pers Stċhl, 35, suffered convulsions, liver and kidney failure, and lost several fingers and toes, while his unnamed friend died within hours of taking the substance.
Incident: Marc Gregori, 2007
On March 9, 2007, 22-year-old Marc Gregori died after experimenting for the first time with bromo-dragonfly. There is some hypothesis that their method of dosing may have resulted in a significant overdose.
Erowid. "Information about a Swedish death reportedly related to Bromo-Dragonfly". Apr 4, 2007.
Both men were unconscious, with one having gone into cardiac arrest by the time the ambulance arrived. They were brought immediately to Värnamo Hospital's intensive care unit where medics managed to resuscitate the 20-year old; the other, 22-year old Marc Gregori, tragically died soon after arriving at the hospital.
Incident: Anonymous male, 2007
In February 2007, an 18-year-old male died in a Norwegian "youth institution" after experimenting with bromo-dragonfly. A 16-year-old girl was also hospitalized
Erowid. "Reported GHB-Related Death May Not Have Been GHB". June, 2007.
In February 2007, Norwegian media reported on the suspected GHB-related death of a 18-year-old in Trysil, Norway. Subsequent toxicological analysis as reported in newspapers appears to link the death to Bromo-Dragonfly. One unconfirmed rumor says that the youth administered Bromo-Dragonfly by injection.
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