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Bromo-Dragonfly Dosage
by Erowid

Bromo-Dragonfly is a chemical which has very little history of human use and was used as a novel brain research chemical with rats in the mid 1990s at Purdue. When it was discovered to be active in rats, it was found to be very potent. A few years after the initial papers describing its activity in the brain, reports surfaced of human experimentation, suggesting oral activity well under 1 milligram. Some disputed these findings and said that Bromo-Dragonfly was only active under 1 mg when injected.

In May 2005, a quantity of this chemical became available in some human experimental psychoactive markets. Erowid received a smattering of reports about its use and an increasing number of questions about it. As of Jan 2009, we have still only received approximately 50 first-hand accounts of ingestion of Bromo-Dragonfly. The findings are very contradictory, with some people claiming strong oral activity at 300 micrograms (ug), while others say they got virtually no effects at 1.5 mg (1500 ug).

There may be two distinct "batches" of material: one more potent and one less. Since 2006, most reports indicate that the dosage range for available material is 800-2000 ug rather than the more potent batch of product sold as BromoDragonfly in 2005. In 2005, the more potent batch was sometimes called the "European" batch and the less potent batch the "American" batch, although this distinction is not in common use. It seems likely that these two batches were not even the same chemical, but it is impossible to know. Bromo-Dragonfly has been found in some pressed tablets, but more commonly it is found on blotter or in powder form.

There have been a growing number of reports from people saying that they got blotter that they thought was LSD, but instead it felt like something else. Generally, since there is no verification of the substance, these reports are not considered when trying to estimate dosage and effects of novel chemicals.

Please note that with only a small number of reports available, it is unwise to assume that these reports are representative of how a chemical presumed to be Bromo-Dragonfly will affect other individuals. Please see the Research Chemical Vault for more information about chemicals for research that are sold for human consumption.

Oral Bromo-Dragonfly Dosages
Threshold500 ug
Common800 - 1300 ug
Strong1200 - 1800
Heavy1600 + ug

Oral Bromo-Dragonfly Dosages
2005 "European" Batch
Threshold100 ug
Common200-400 ug
Strong500-800 ug
Heavy800 + ug

Onset : 20 - 90 minutes (depending on form and stomach contents)
Duration : 10 - 24 hours
Normal After Effects : up to 36 hours

Overdose Effects:
One report of a very high dose resulted in: extremely long duration (2-4 days), flushing, ego-loss, dissociation, headache, etc.

Every individual reacts differently to every chemical.
Know your Body - Know your Mind - Know your Substance - Know your Source.

Erowid's dosage information is a summary of data gathered from users, research, and other
resources and should not be construed as recommendations. Individuals can respond
differently to the same dosage. What is safe for one can be deadly for another.

Start low with new substances.
Have trusted companion/guide/sitter/friend present and/or available.