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Cocaine & Crack
by Erowid
Archived Images #
Cocaine (hydrochloride powder) #
Color photo of large stack containing dozens of kilo bricks of cocaine.
Photo by Wes, © 2000 Erowid
Color photo of a small baggie of powder cocaine. New York.
Photo by Pengiun Butler, © 2001 Erowid
Small baggie of cocaine powder next to a dime. [MO, USA]
Photo by Anonymous. © 2007
A small pile of powder cocaine in plastic.
Photo by K. Storch. © 2006
Small pile of powder cocaine next to a rolled $20 bill for size comparison. [FL, USA]
Photo by K. Storch. © 2006
A pile of "fishscale" cocaine. [GA, USA]
Photo by Tokemasta. © 2010
Color photo of a pile of cocaine powder.
Photo from Drugs in the Workplace
Color photo of two small piles of power cocaine.
U.S. government Public Domain photo.
Color photo of powder cocaine next to coca leaves.
U.S. government Public Domain photo.
Color photo of a small pile of powder cocaine.
Photographer unknown.
Cocaine (hydrochloride chunks) #
Large pile of pure Cocaine HCl chunks. [USA]
Photo by Kisps. © 2009
A large, 4 gram chunk of high quality cocaine. Sometimes called "fish scale" because of the pearlescent, reflective quality and flaky consistency rather than just powdery.
Photo by Anonymous. © 2015
Close-up image of a chunk of powder cocaine weighing approximately 1.5 grams. [CA, USA]
Photo by Kisps. © 2010
Close-up photo of a chunk of Peruvian cocaine. [Peru]
Anonymous photographer. © 2006
A pile of cocaine, including two large chunks.
Photo by Devil. © 2006
Nine grams of cocaine hydrochloride next to a ruler. [FL, USA]
Photo by Robert. © 2006
Chunks of relatively pure cocaine. [Spain]
Photo by Diabliyo. © 2007
Color photo of a bag containing three chunks of Cocaine HCl next to a penny for size comparison. [N. CA, USA, 2001).
Photo by Erowid. © 2001
Large chunk of cocaine next to Corona bottle cap for comparison. [FL, USA]
Photo by OES. © 2007
Color photo of a broken chunk of peruvian flake variety powder cocaine weighing 1/2 oz total. [UK]
Photo by Chizzle-fiend. © 2002
Color photo of 2 grams of Cocaine. [England, 2001].
Photo by Misterbishi & Missbishi. © 2001
Close-up color photo of three chunks of Cocaine HCl. (N. California, 2001).
Photo by Erowid. © 2001
Color photo of a kilo brick of cocaine.
A color photo of four white "rock" chunks of cocaine cut with Inositol in a 4:1 ratio that were re-solidified ("re-rocked"). [New England]
Photo by anonymous. © 2017
Crack & Freebase Cocaine #
Close-up color photo of 4 rocks next to a paperclip.
Close-up of 3 large rocks.
Color photo of 2 rocks of cocaine and a small crack vial.
U.S. government Public Domain photo.
Color photo of 1 orange-colored rock of cocaine.
Photo by LGC, in U.K., verifying this is orange-colored crack cocaine, assumed to be a marketing gimmick. Summer 2004.
Cocaine Advertisements #
Advertising poster for Angelo Mariani brand, Vin Mariani.
Color lithograph poster by Jules Chéret, in series Les Maîtres de l'Affiche (No.77), Paris, 1894, 40 x 29 cm.
An 1885 advertisement for cocaine toothache drops.
Artist Unknown
Coca-Cola ad marketing the energizing effects of the drink.
An advertisement from the 1897 The Medical Times and Register, Volume 33, page 74. The text states "Cocaine Muriate, C.P. ANHYDROUS CRYSTALS. Boehringer - B. & S. STANDARD OF PURITY THE WORLD OVER. DISPENSED BY ALL DRUGISTS. Courtesy Trout and the Shulgin Archive. [US]
Photo by Trout & Shulgin Archive. © 2017
Miscellaneous #
Coca leaf press.
Public domain photo from Indiana University
Apothecary Jar c. 1880.
Image from the Chicago Historical Society.
Cocaine-Containing Products #
A vintage blue box of Pastillas Caldeiro containing menthol and cocaine from Spain early 1900s. [Spain]
Photo by psilocybe. © 2013
Molecules #
Still 2D image of the Cocaine molecule.
Image by Erowid. © 2000
Still 3D image of the Cocaine molecule.
Image by Erowid. © 2000
Rotating 3D image of the Cocaine molecule.
Image by Erowid. © 2000
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