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Legal Status
by Erowid
Caution :   All legal information should be verified through other sources. [see below]
Schedule I
N,N-DMT is Schedule I in the United States. This means it is illegal to manufacture, buy, possess, or distribute (sell, trade or give) without a DEA license.

Australia #
South Australia controls "any plant containing DMT including any plant of the species Piptadenia Peregrina". See Controlled Substances (General) Regulations 2000 : Schedule 3. (thanks AA) (last updated Mar 17, 2009)
Brazil #
DMT is listed as a controlled substance, making production, distribution, or possession illegal. (thanks P)
Canada #
DMT is schedule III in Canada. (Note: Canadian schedules are very different than U.S. schedules). See Law Canada. (Last updated Apr 17 2011)
Denmark #
DMT is reportedly on the "B-List" of drugs. (unconfirmed) (thanks t) (last updated June 24, 2012)
Estonia #
DMT is Schedule I [reference]. (thanks TJJ)
Germany #
DMT is listed in Anlage I of the BtMG, making it illegal to possess, purchase, or sell. (see Liste von Stoffen gemäß Grundstoffüberwachungsgesetz [.xls]). (thanks R)
Italy (Italia) #
Listed in Tabella I of "Tabelle delle sostanze stupefacenti e psicotrope", making it illegal to possess, purchase, or sell. (see Tabelle delle sostanze stupefacenti e psicotrope. (thanks a) (last updated Dec 16, 2015)
Japan #
DMT is probably a controlled substance in Japan, added to the list of controlled drugs in 2000, but we have been unable to confirm this. Despite this, we have received multiple reports that DMT, along with other strong psychoactives are being sold in shops in Japan. (thanks JB, AD, M) (last updated Mar 29, 2007)
New Zealand #
DMT is Schedule I (Class A) in New Zealand [reference].
Norway #
DMT is Schedule I in Norway and illegal to buy or possess without a special license. See Norway Law. (thanks Y)
Poland #
DMT is schedule I (I-P group) in Poland. (No Reference)
Russia #
DMT is illegal to buy or possess without a license. We believe that DMT is a Schedule 1 substance in Russia. (thanks l, POG) In August 2016, a Brazilian therapist was detained at a Russian airport with 6.6 liters of ayahuasca; samples were analyzed and found to contain DMT. He was charged with international drug trafficking and sentenced to 6+ years in prison. As of Jul 2017 he is seeking appeal on the premise that the DMT content of the ayahuasca was significantly lower than estimated by Russian officials. [reference in Portuguese] (last updated Jul 27, 2017)
Sweden #
DMT is regulated by law in Sweden, no additional details. (unconfirmed) (thanks HD)
South Africa #
DMT is classified under the Drug and Drug Trafficking Act No. 140 of 1992 as a "Undesirable Dependence Producing Substance". See (thanks MvS) (last updated April 18 2011)
United Kingdom (U.K., England, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland) #
DMT is Schedule I/Class A in the U.K., making it illegal to buy or possess without a license.
If you have information about the legal status of this substance in any other country, please let us know.

Erowid legal information is a summary of data gathered from site visitors, government documents, websites, and other resources. We are not lawyers and can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided here. We do our best to keep this information correct and up-to-date, but laws are complex and constantly changing. Laws may also vary from one jurisdiction to another (county, state, country, etc)...this list is not comprehensive.