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Misc DPT Info

By Erowid


DPT & Terminal Cancer Patients

Bill Richard's PhD Thesis on the therapeutic use of DPT
William, Richards Alan 1975
"Counselling, Peak Experiences and the human encounter with death: an empirical study of the efficacy of DPT-assisted counseling in enhancing the quality of life of persons with terminal cancer and their closest family members"
Catholic University of America PhD 1975

Available From: UMI Dissertation Services 1800 521-0600 300 N Zeeb Road Ann Arbor MI 48106

Richards also published a paper on the topic:

Richards, W., Rhead, J., DiLeo, F., Yensen, & Kurland, A. (1977). The peak experience variable in DPT- assisted psychotherapy with cancer patients. Journal of Psychedelic Drugs, 9(1), 1-10.

Dr Richards and this work was also documented by CBS's 60 Minutes in the late 1970's. Their work involved doing preparatory counselling for terminal cancer patients, having a single high dose, guided DPT session and then post-experience counselling. Their reported results were generally quite positive.