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GHB Dosage
by Erowid

GHB is almost exclusively used orally. Because of the dose required and its water-absorbing qualities, it is impractical to use insufflated or injected.

Oral GHB Dosages
Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment.15 g (3 times daily)
Light.5 - 1.5 g
Common1 - 2.5 g
Strong2 - 4.0 g
Can Induce Heavy Sleep3 - 5 g
Overdose5 - 10 g
Poisoning (Risk of Death)10 + g

Onset : 10 - 20 minutes
Duration : 1 - 3 hours
Normal After Effects : 2 - 4 hours

Caution : Values are for pure GHB powder NOT LIQUID !!

As with many substances, regular users or those with a naturally high tolerance to GHB may require somewhat higher doses for the same effects.

GHB generally comes either in pure powder form, or mixed into water. In powder form, measuring a dose is fairly straighforward. In liquid form, GHB comes in a wide variety of concentrations with a single dose ranging from a few drops to a full glass. If you don't know the concentration of your liquid GHB, be extremely careful. There is no way, without testing, to determine its strength. Don't assume anything. Carefully check the concentration with your source before calculating your dosage.

GHB is extremely dose sensitive. Each person has a different response to each dose level. To safely verify the correct dosage, ALWAYS START LOW.


  • If you overdose even slightly on ghb (double dose), you may fall unconscious and be unrouseable for up to 4 or 5 hours. One of the great dangers of a mild GHB overdose is being taken to a hospital and treated as though you have OD'd on a depressant. This can include stomach pumps, breathing tubes and IV's, not to mention huge hospital bills.

  • GHB can be dangerous when used improperly or when mixed with other depressants. Combining a normal GHB dose with alcohol can trigger the overdose reaction of unrouseable sleep. GHB has been attributed to a few deaths in the US, but most have involved other drugs (most commonly, alcohol) or high doses. Be safe...avoid mixing GHB with alcohol.

  • If you take 3 - 4 times the normal dose, you may find yourself unconscious and vomiting.

  • If you take more than 3-4 times your normal dose, there is risk of death.

  • If you take GHB, make sure your companions know what you're taking, how much of it you've taken and the associated risks.

THEORY : To be as careful as possible in determining correct dosage with GHB, only use material from a reliable source who can vouch for the quality and whom you trust. On an empty stomach (a full stomach delays effects), begin by testing 1/8-1/4 of a single dose to test for personal allergic reactions to the chemical. Try to get a sense of whether GHB feels ok for you. Wait several hours (if not days) before deciding. One or two hours is _NOT_ enough to know, and if you take more you will be compounding doses. Write down your observations, marking time, dosage, and all effects.

If you choose to take GHB again, Increase the dosage in small increments (1/4 dose per event) from this original dose until you find your desired level. This will take several tries, as these GHB trials should be separated by at least a day. Enjoy the experience of low doses and don't be in a hurry to experience a 'strong' GHB dose. GHB is mild. It takes time and energy to find the experience. It doesn't hit you over the head with its effects until you are on the verge of passing out.

Taking GHB too often can cause short term disruptions in your brain chemistry (increases dopamine production). These effects are accumulative. Increased dopamine production can cause unpleasant side effects for days afterward. If you feel sluggish a day after using GHB, you should reduce your consumption to allow your body to recover.

Getting the GHB dose right can be difficult because the effects are often subtle. Many people find GHB to be a good social stimulator. Try listening to music during the peak (T+1-3 hours), dancing, walking, talking, etc.

Many people also find that GHB is not for them. Some people experience nausea, sluggishness, dizziness, among other negative side effects. Listen to your body and heed its warning signals.

Avoid using GHB alone. GHB can be dangerous when used improperly and it's considerably better to have friends around of something goes wrong. It is important to be extremely careful when experimenting with substances that are currently illegal because the quality and dosage of the material can be completely unknown. The effects of GHB aren't good enough to warrant dangerous behaviour. Smoke a bowl. Eat some salad. Go for a walk :)

Every individual reacts differently to every chemical.
Know your Body - Know your Mind - Know your Substance - Know your Source.

Erowid's dosage information is a summary of data gathered from users, research, and other
resources and should not be construed as recommendations. Individuals can respond
differently to the same dosage. What is safe for one can be deadly for another.

Start low with new substances.
Have trusted companion/guide/sitter/friend present and/or available.