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Ketamine Information

When using K :

Pee first! It's a bummer to have to get up to pee on K!

Program yourself to be still before you do it. "Some" people will get up act out their trips, this is not good. Lay flat on your back. You will see a flowing motion on your eyelids, go with it, your body will follow. You will hear a motor sounding humm, this is the carrier wave, follow it.

Go into the trip with a question if you like, you can ask questions in there. You may find that K will implant Knowledge into your mind. K likes to show off and give you Knowledge about the future or other important things. Remember what you experience. You can influence the direction you go, try steering different ways, you may see Knowledge or memory. You may experience the mechanics of reality, the mechanics of breathing and your heart beat.

Some people I Know think they have stopped breathing, but you won't, so don't worry. Go totally with it, if you fight it it may be a bad time for you. Trust the K to bring you back, it will. You may be aware of other people in K-land with you. Notice who or what they are if you can. Play slow music, this is important. Music with a beat can bring you down. Try Paul Winter Consort, Don Harris, or something like the Hearts of Space radio show on public radio. If you get that show, do it while listening to that show, something about the radio that connects you to the Earth.

New age music is the best. Sounds really influences the trip, NO TV!!!! No loud noises of any kind, even traffic noises can distract the enrtire trip. Make sure you have over an hour of music ready so you don't have to get up. 2 hours may be best. Don't eat much before, keep a glass of water close by.

Turn off the phone! You may forget that you don't really have to answer it, and you will sound strange talking on it.

Personally I like K by itself, even pot fogs the trip for me. Smoke pot after, for the recovery period. When I go into K-land high on MJ, it's harder for me to remember it and comprehend it all. I did LSD with K once, and it was the only time I got up without Knowing it and forgot what K showed me, and it was something very important. My wife was scared a little cause I got up and was babbleing something about "It blows my mind!", then layed back down. I didn't remember that at all. This was on 100 mg nasally. Usually that is a normal dose for me, I've done up to 250 mg nasally. 125 mg will usually get me out there far enough to learn.