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LSZ (Lysergic acid 2,4-dimethylazetidide) is extremely potent, like its chemical cousin LSD. LSZ is detectably active below 50 micrograms (ug) and strongly active over 100 or 200 ug.

Caution : Dose information should not be taken as recommendations. [see below]
LSZ Dosages
( very tentative )
10 ug
50 - 100 ug
100 - 300 ug
200+ ug
LSZ is an ergoloid most commonly found on blotter. LSZ has three stereoisomers and one of the three is substantially more potent than the other three. A racemic mixture of LSZ (not stereo pure for the most potent S,S isomer) will have different effective dosages than S,S-pure LSZ.

Extreme caution and care must be used if it is ever encountered as a powder/crystal, though that form is rare and has not been seen in retail markets. Most or all LSZ in 2013/2014 has been available as blotter.

Because LSZ's first widespread commercial availability was in mid 2013, there are only a small number of reports of human use. Dose information must be considered tentative. Although most reports indicate dosage similar to or lower than (more potent than) LSD, it's possible that a small number of people are unusually sensitive or insensitive to LSZ.
Every individual reacts differently to every chemical.

Erowid's dosage information is a summary of data gathered from users, research, and other resources. This information is intended to describe the range of dosages people report using. It should not be construed as a recommendation of any sort. Individuals can respond very differently to the same dosage. What is safe for one can be deadly for another.