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Subjective Differences Between MDE and MDMA
by Erowid
based upon a piece originally archived by Hyperreal

While the effects of these two substances are sufficiently similar to make differentiation difficult, there are some significant subjective differences. MDE is somewhat less potent than MDMA, a typical dose being in the range 100-160 mg (as opposed to 80-140 mg with MDMA).

At large doses, MDE may somewhat resemble MDA (methylenedioxy amphetamine). Although MDE's psychedelic effects are less; it has a "stoning" effect for some people, and at higher doses can make walking or dancing difficult. Large doses of MDMA can have a similar effect, although it seems that somewhat more can be used without incurring the almost drunken intoxication.

In smaller amounts, MDE greatly resembles MDMA, although the physical and tactile effects are generally perceived as being less prevalent. The emotional opening and empathic effects for which MDMA is famous, although present with MDE do not seem to be as pronounced. Because of this more subtle effect, MDE has the possible advantage as a recreational substance over MDMA when used in public (such as at raves). With MDE, the user is less likely to embarass him/herself in public through inappropriate touching and emotional bonding while still being able to enjoy some level of heart opening and connection with others.

Additionally, MDE has a shorter duration than MDMA. While MDMA generally lasts 3-4 hours of full effects, MDE's full effects last more like 2-4 hours.