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From: (cooper)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Dutch analysis of Ecstasy(Re: FWD : Analysis of current `extasy')
Date: 3 Feb 1994 12:17:22 +0100
Message-ID: <>

[Excellent analysis of Australian sample of MDEA deleted]

In a recent visit to the Dutch Drugsadviesbureau (Drugs-advice-bureau) I 
was allowed to look into their unpublished samples analysis lists. It was
for me at least an eye-opener. Several hundreds of street samples were listed
with exact contents, along with shape, size and other markers by which to
identify the samples. Basically, there were 4 categories:

1) It was what it was sold as.
2) There were impurities
3) It was a ripp-off
4) It was pure stuff, but of a different kind that it was sold as.

Most samples (>75%) fell into categories 1 & 4. That includes MDMA being
sold as MDEA, or vice versa, or MDA being sold as MDMA, or just MDMA being
sold as MDMA. Category 2 only listed impurities being caffeine and a single
case of MDA being mixed in with MDMA. (MDA being the impurity).
The ripp-offs in category 3 where about 50/50 distributed between pure filler
and caffeine (up to 250 whopping mg.) So their conclusion was that allthough
you shouldn't risk being sold caffeine as MDMA, the quality is generally OK,
if you don't mind a little caffeine (40 mg. or so ) added to your MD[ME]A.

Dosages didn't vary that much lowest I saw was 75 mg. MDMA, highest 165.
MDEA lowest 110, highest 150. So that's for the Dutch market. Anyone got
info for other countries?