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1999 McElhatton MDMA & Pregnancy Study
Congenital anomalies after prenatal ecstasy exposure,
by P.R. McElhatton; D.N. Bateman; C. Evans; K.R. Pughe; S.H.L. Thomas
The Lancet Volume 354 (No 9188) October 23 1999

Prospective follow-up of 136 babies exposed to ecstasy in utero indicated that the drug may be associated with a significantly increased risk of congenital defects (15.4% [95% CI 8.2-25.4]). Cardiovascular anomalies (26 per 1000 livebirths [3.0-90.0]) and musculoskeletal anomalies (38 per 1000 [8.0-109.0]) were predominant.