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Archived Images #
Methoxetamine #
Approximately 30 mg methoxetamine next to Euro coin. [Germany]
Photo by Tryptomaniac. © 2015
1 gram of methoxetamine powder in a small baggie. [USA]
Photo by Anonymous. © 2014
Closeup of a 2 g bag of (almost pure) methoxetamine powder [QC, Canada]
Photo by Miste. © 2013
Methoxetamine (3-MeO-2-Oxo-PCE) - a research chemical analog of ketamine. [UK]
Photo by Anonymous. © 2011
A bag (with label) containing 3 grams methoxetamine (MXE) powder. [CA, USA]
Photo by Chemically Insane. © 2011
5 grams of methoxetamine powder in a glass vial. [Purchased from Poland]
Photo by Anonymous. © 2012
Molecules #
Still 2D image of the methoxetamine molecule.
Image by Erowid. © 2011
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