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tyler gentry

Forbidden Fruit

A red tree stands alone highly protected from those who who may enter.

the lego empire

The Lego Empire is a 52 x 40” in acrylic on wood. Its creation was formed in pencil under the midnight sun in the Yukon in 2000. Later in 2002 I decided I was ready to paint and bring the image to life. Its bold contrast between hard shapes and soft elegant lines made this peice very special and many will enjoy its presence for years to come.

red synthetics

spinal contrast

to be continued

This is my 50th acrylic painting. Its a 24x48" creation that represents Genesis, a new world and changed environment with a collage of my artistic symbolism and creative spirit.

icey fresh

Global warming is a serious issue that now threatens our very existence. The vast subzero arctic landscapes timelessly melting and gently slipping it toes into the ocean.Wind carved and uninhabited, the desolate expanse holds its secrets and treasures. The Canadian north holds infinite beauty beyond the human imagination.

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