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dennis konstantin gerigk

the not so very sad drowning of nautilus escher

The world is moving presence, everything is in motion, everything transcends to the next level.

My art tries to show the movement and connection between things....A window to infinity.

I am working on this vision for two years now and with this drawing it first came through how i wanted it.

now in progress

This shows my first attempt to capture that philosophy in acrylics, using the old masters mische technique of glazing layers to make it the end it should be a explosion of light........hopefully

a birds flight seen with the eyes of a child

I think when we were young we saw the ultimate wonders of the creation, the colours the patterns of nature, we were amazed the whole day....what happened to that feeling in our everyday life........


This is a piece on the polarity of the human mind...we cant deny that the most heavenly and the most ugly beeing is inside of us ...the global conciousness is made out of good and evil ...we are connected to it.....maybe the use of the 2 symbols is to cheap...but what do you have to show things.....only symbols, abstractions of the truth

bee kolibree

Exercising the flow of patterns and colour shifts is what i do a lot on small pieces with acrylics.

captain chaos

Captain Chaos was another attempt to cast the moment of illumination into art. Few is drawn here, most parts are sculpted which gives the piece a strange appeal.

holographic krsna holocaust

This is a major piece, it weights about 90pounds and took me a month of 24/7 work to complete. Its about life and death and about the power of a human beeing to step out of the circle and become immortal in spirit


..another form transition piece in acrylics


das warscheinlichkeitsprinzip

Also a drawing from the Konstantins Dream Series

the atom child

This is a drawing from the Konstantins Dream Series -
A childs book I want to write soon.

the hyperself of love

The higher Spirit of Love - A new beeing evolving out of the connection of two lovers gerigk_denniskonstantin_whenmescalitospoketome.jpg

childhood's end

the hypnotic fact of the golden mean

violet mother of red and blue

master sanguin



adams anti apfel

realization of the no-difference

topographie des wahnsinns

the howling

atomic wonderers

playing with ultrasonic frequencies

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