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danny gomez


I tried to paint the feeling that can scare people to death when they think about making commitments.


I just sat there and merged with the mysterious surrounding. On that journey I made a true discovery.


This painting was inspired by the shpongle song named "dmt".


...many dragons in one dragon and some ugly dudes...


"I could feel my roots through the roots of mescalito".

intergalactic fool

I see myself as the fool in tarot cards. This is how I look like.


the one with the red hands represents Jesus, the one with the orange head represents the Devil, and the yellow(green?) "worm" that he rides on represents the humans.

magician mushroom

I guess you can tell the influence to this one...


the ladder of adaptation. The members gives life to its next


I once saw a guard that looked like this...


this is how i imaging myself feeling while eating a star. My head turns into my spirit's shoe, and my left sock turns in to a happy beast that gently touches my forehead.


the sun is hot as the devil himself, I believe.

who is the creator?

This is my first flouroscent painting. It represents thoughts about the creator of the universe.

wisdom eye

the eye of wisdom has the knowledge.


The Spirit stood in front of me. She said "I'm coming", but the voice was not really hers. She ran up in front of me, and at the same time at she pushed her belly at my face, the voice came again. "HERE I AM!". She showed me her inner Spirit, a resurrection of a Spirit from an earlier encounter.


I don't remember what I whas thinking of when I mad this sculpure, just that it seemed to laugh at me when it was finished gomez_danny_bluealien.jpg

Color Totem

I ripped this one out of a wall that I had to hold on. Later it was gone, but I managed to clone it


this is the expression i give to evil Spirits


third eye on Buddha

inca sculp


maya sculp

a spiritual fusion of me and my roots


Evil spirits showed me exactly what I do not want them to show me. It's one thing to hear screams, another to see them. Worst of all is to feel all the people you love screaming. Just scream right back at evil, and if you die screaming, you will have the warriorstrengh within you, and have a better chance against them.


this is the guy that opens the doors of perceptions

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