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michael james parisi


After spending time at Land of Medicine Buddha in Aptos California, I started imagining the energetic process of transforming pain and suffering into healing. I imagined the weeping Buddhas, absorbing the suffering of man, and the illuminated Buddhas working together to build living energy (DNA) from this suffering, guided by the azure blue hand of the Medicine Buddha himself.

cruzn through the universe like nobody's business

Cosmic Buddha races over the sea of infinity, streaking light and color though an otherwise dark universe. This piece was made in a fit of joy!

the secret of bees

This piece was inspired by the disturbing news about honey bees vanishing all over the world. The symbols chosen for this piece seemed very obvious to me, The Flower of Life, The Tree of Life, the Eyes of Horus, and the repetitive use of the hexagon as it is the fundamental structure of silica. It is a visual prayer, asking for their return and a vision of how our future is not determined, but how our options are becoming limited if we wish to survive.

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