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michael portley

My work is based around the notion of improvisation and meditative focus. The themes and forms are constructed from my own visual language and often refer to human interconnection and environmental nuance. The individual meaning of each of these forms and allegories are intuitive and personally symbolic, but less important than the relationship of the forms as a composition. The layering of forms and their personal meanings with other visual elements are part of a process which reinforces the act of painting/composing in "real time" while still meditating on the original themes or starting point. This process of painting is an attempt by myself to make a visual representation of multi-dimensional subjects, such as the idea of a dynamic thought, realisation, or experience. The structural ambiguity and hinted figuration in my work allows the viewer to interact and form their own imaginings (or so forth).

the tectonic unicorn

the omnihulk

the emperor wears no clothes

the bond between a cow and its keeper


aleister crowley and the art of falconry

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