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cody a seekins


This was the first art project influenced from LSD. Its a rendition of the phallus; part of my own personal reawakening and destructuring, the very beginning, actually.


of eastern, erotic, organic, and primordial qualities.

elf Prince

Along with the white rabbit, i've mapped the idea of the elf into representation which helps describe the non ordinary aspects of reality in a systematic, navigational sense. These 'elven' qualities, as derived from fairie folklore, and my 'elven' ancestry via my father's nordic/irish side, were explored through ancestral memory and deep psychic regurgitation on a combination of morning glory, calamus, 'n hawaiian woodrose.

white rabbit

During my process as a sorcerer, respective to the use of lsd 'n salvia, the image of the fabled white rabbit emerges as filtered through my own spirit. This white rabbit hybrid includes energies from the praying mantis 'n grasshopper; female in origin.

the masochist

An illustration of self 'n parasitic elements of my psyche.

earth spirit

A spirit summoned during a personal shamanistic ceremony, which i later recalled from my mind's eye onto paper.


Two altoids of LSD in a Boulder, Colorado coffee house, where, after a few hours hiking, I refiltered the 'feel' of the mountains' spirit onto the page; supplementing with some 'battery acid' coffee 'n espresso blend, mellowing out finally with a nice ambient green tea 'n ginseng. One of the most enlightened pieces i've ever chanelled.

transdimensional elf head plays the lute

An extremely detailed composition which further explores the psychic concept of 'elf'.

pyschedelic boy demon

A personification of my intrapersonal psychic split(gemini). Interesting note, the details of the chest actually prophecied the emergence of a physical and so far, chronic, problem in my chest region, wherein it shifts 'n cracks down the center, often painfully.

the gravity of spirit corruption

This work details the assimilation of new spirits into established culture, as well as the psychic ego battle of established personalities already immersed. Seen on the left is a young adult, interacting with a child, on the right. The balloons of the child keep it immune from the gravity of mass cultural ego scenarios; however, that innocence is also illustrated as dwindling, noted by the balloon floating off in the distance, the 'bursting' balloon from the interaction with the stranger, and also the built in needle of the child's own curiosity, seen as part of the facial region.

blue jay shaman

A portrait created on an LSD trip; in which the picture and the surrounding room literally began to resonate and react in sync with my own energetic output and variation. Much of the dreaming mind brought itself to the surface. In the end, i'd created an accurate portrait of a shaman i know personally.

yin yang kitty

The soul of a male feline. Accompanied by music from 'cat power'. Drawn after finishing the 'time traveler' oil.


Cannabis bymixed with a good dose of masochism internalized from various relationships i held at the time, socially and economically.


...more dreamspace work, something delicate and androgynous.

further lessons of the white rabbit

This work relates metaphysical details respective to the shamanistic practice of weathermaking, alongside an intra-perspective on the libido template.

lessons of the butterflies

An illustration of multi-modal, multi-dimensional organisms which transcend and interact with/intersect with our layerspaces in the dreaming and so-called real space.

virgin in the shamans dream garden

This was created as a shamanic mapping of consciousness for an emerging sorcerer to draw from.

beyond reflections of caravaggio

This was the abstracted review of Caravaggio's "Boy With Ram". There is an influence of 2c* in this painting, as i'd recently had my first experiences with the chemical. It feels as if this self organizing piece relates to cycles of life and death and extraterrestrial/polydimensional intelligences which bulge into our awareness subliminally, but are incapable or unwilling to pierce our typical mundane consciousness.

Psychic Vampyre Meets 2C-I Guy

This was a painting which reflected upon a 2000 drawing entitled "Passive Aggressive Psychic Vampyre in Date Rape Camoflauge." In the oil painted version, however, just finished toward the end of 2004, the lense of reflection was deeper, more refined. Additionally i incorporated the use of 2C-I, a phenylthylamine psychedelic, into the process of the painting, the bulk of which spontaneously channeled itself into the right hand side of the work. Coined "2C-I Guy", a powerful blazing 3rd-Eye consciousness provided the seat by which various violent and sophisticated energies moved through me onto the canvas, including, but not limited to, native american spontaneous chant, japanese delicacy in stroke making, and certain vague charactars, insect like, mosquito-esque...

dance of shiva

This work is built on top of an older unresolved painting about an encounter with what i refer to as Mr. Death, a personfied encounter with morbidity and mortality/immortality. So in essence this painting deals with scars, trauma, and the regeneration of life in the wake of such traumas. Also swimming up from the abyss are many totemic archetypes, serpent, plant, insect, and much more. Lysergic diethylamide influenced, cultivated in part by a cathartic spirit dance, a breaking through from darkness and void...


A painting describing a relationship between the artist, his friend, and creation. Layerings of consciousness and various pathologies emerge in the composition.

the chiefs candle holders

Painting built upon a commission regarding the legend of "the Chief's Candleholders", a historically significant scottish story. I meditated quite a bit on the story from local and meta contexts to abstract it, distill it, associate from it, and so forth, and then wove the results into a non linear narrative. Issues that arose included the age old struggle between locus of control and our placement of it exterior or interior to ourselves, meditation vs. transhumanist supplementation, value of spirit and material value, ancestry and heir, anthropological gender evaluation, and more.


This painting is a gateway; a punctuation and endpoint to my body of work until now and the movement toward newer states of evolution. The transmigratory element of this work goes beyond art for me and serves as a synchronistic echo of larger personal and social progressions. It has been a very inspired and powerful piece. I only wish this digital image could show you all the subtleties of light interplay the thing provides as you pan the room.

reflections of a self aware cupid

The purpose of this work was to continue to explore the hybridity between old classical forms and sensualites/gender and mind expansive modern internal contextualization.

transgender buddha faces mara

I created this piece while living in Thailand and traveling through the region, including Cambodia's Siem Reap where the Angkor Wats set. While in se Asia i learned a great deal about Theravada tradition historically and in modernity, and used the exposure to iconagraphy and local energies culturally as inspiration for this work. The piece is built upon the basic format of the Buddha's trial with Mara(a Deva)as Mara tempts the Buddha from attaining perfection(Nirvana/Nibbana).

the approach of a great threshold

This piece was a complex reflection of subliminal interactions which are yet to fully manifest--in some cases locally to the observer, in other cases in terms of grosser physical manifestations. Also issues of the subliminal elements of a long distance relationship are illustrated. There was a period of time during which a psychedelic experience tore down the initial direction of the imagery and spiralled the piece into heightened complexity.

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