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In Memoriam
Albert Hofmann
(Jan 11, 1906-Apr 29, 2008)
by Erowid
Jun 2008
Originally published in Erowid Extracts
Citation:   Erowid. "In Memoriam: Albert Hofmann". Erowid Extracts. Jun 2008; 14:21.

Hofmann Hofmann
Albert Hofmann was over 60 before any of the core Erowid crew were born. As an adult, he witnessed the explosive growth of the pharmaceutical industry in the 1940s and 50s, psychedelics in the 1950s and 60s, and a plethora of other psychoactive substances in the 1970s through the present. As the world adjusted to this new reality, he watched his most infamous creation soar through the media sphere and be pilloried as a destroyer of youth. He dubbed LSD his Sorgenkind (problem child) and his observations about it included a mixture of both concern and amazement at its potential.

Despite his near-hero status among the psychedelic counterculture, it was surprising how much attention was given to his death by mainstream media outlets. The front pages of major news websites including CNN, The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and others, ensured his passing was widely known. For a short time, it was the most emailed news story on Yahoo! News. That the inventor and lifelong supporter of LSD lived healthily and prosperously to 102 serves to help discredit the worst myths about his problem child more than dozens of scientific studies ever could.

It was an honor to have met and visited with Albert, an amazingly sharp and capable man. We appreciate the scintillating shades of grey he contributed to the controversial discourse about LSD. May his most hopeful dreams be realized.

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