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Subjective Effects of Psychedelics Survey
Researchers at the Psychedelic Research Lab at
Monash University, Australia are conducting a survey
about the subjective effects of classic psychedelics
(LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline, Ayahuasca, & MDMA).
Check out the Survey
Barry McCaffrey
photographer unknown.
Barry McCaffrey
photographer unknown.
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Barry McCaffrey
Barry McCaffrey served as the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy ("drug czar") from Feb 29, 1996 through Jan 7, 2001. He was appointed by President Bill Clinton and confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate. Prior to becoming drug czar McCaffrey was educated at Phillips Academy and the U.S. Military Academy and earned his Masters of Arts in civil government from American University. He taught American government, national security studies and comparative politics at West Point.

He served four combat tours in the military, earning three Purple Hearts and became the most highly decorated and youngest four star general in the U.S. Army. Just prior to appointment as drug czar, he was the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces Southern Command, coordinating national security operations in Latin America.

After stepping down as drug czar, McCaffrey served as national security and terrorism analyst for NBC News.
"Hemp is not economically feasible in the United States. . . it doesn't even hold a crease."
-- 1998