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Claudio Naranjo
Photo by Greg Manning, June 2011
Claudio Naranjo
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Claudio Naranjo
Claudio Naranjo was a Chilean psychiatrist and author who wrote nearly two dozen books, many of which were published in numerous languages. In his youth he was trained in classical music. He obtained his medical degree in Santiago de Chile, going on to study medicine, psychology, and spirituality at Harvard, U.C. Berkeley, and the Esalen Institute. At Esalen he apprenticed under the father of Gestalt therapy, Fritz Perls. Protoanalysis, Naranjo's method of describing personality types, eventually developed into the well-known Enneagram system.

In 1962, after becoming inspired by a Harvard economic botany exhibit that displayed various psychoactive plants, Naranjo was assisted by the museum's curator, Richard Evans Schultes, with his desire to research yagé use in the territory of Putumayo in Colombia. Once he was in the Amazon, hoping that it would help open doors for him with the native medicine men, Naranjo revealed that he also studied medicine. He handed out LSD-impregnated pieces of paper, explaining that he was looking for plants that produced similar effects. Within the psychedelic community, Naranjo had befriended Michael Harner, Carlos Castaneda, Leo Zeff, Stan Grof, Willis Harman, and others. After returning to Chile for a few years, he began therapeutic work with harmaline (and various related harmala alkaloids), ibogaine, MDA, and MMDA. Some of this work was reported in 1967 at the San Francisco Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs conference and the U.C. Berkeley LSD conference, and some of it was later touched on in Naranjo's 1973 book The Healing Journey: New Approaches to Consciousness.

Over the course of his life, Naranjo has studied numerous esoteric traditions and religions including meditation, Sufism, tantra, Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhism. In 2006 he founded the Naranjo Institute, which sponsors workshops and retreats worldwide that focus on exploring psychological, spiritual, and expressive approaches toward healing and human growth.

Obituaries and Posthumous Biographies #
Author of Books #
  • Healing Civilization: Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm through Education and the Integration of the Intra-Psychic Family (2011)
  • L'Ego Patriacale. Trasformare l'educazione per rinascere dalla crisi costruendo una societâ sana (2009)
  • Por una Gestalt viva (2007)
  • Lernen lernen! mit Herz, Hand & Hirn (2007)
  • La civilt à, un male curabile (2007)
  • The Way of Silence and the Talking Cure: On Meditation & Psychotherapy [English translation of Entre Meditación y Psicoterapia] (2006)
  • Cosas que Vengo Diciendo. Sobre el Amor la Conciencia lo Terapeutico y la Solucion al Problema del Mundo (2005)
  • Cambiar la Educación para Cambiar el Mundo (2004)
  • The Enneagram of Society: Healing the Soul to Heal the World [English translation of El Eneagrama de la Sociedad: Males de Mundo, Males del Alma] (2004)
  • Gestalt de Vanguardia (2003)
  • Entre Meditación y Psicoterapia (1999)
  • The Divine Child and the Hero: Inner Meaning in Children's Literature [English translation of El niño Divino y el Heroe] (1999)
  • Transformation Through Insight: Enneatypes in Life, Literature and Clinical Practice (1997)
  • Gesäng der Erleuchtung. Die spiritulle Entschlüsselung grosser Dictungen (1996)
  • Enneatypes in Psychotherapy (1995)
  • El Eneagrama de la Sociedad: Males de Mundo, Males del Alma (1995)
  • El Niño Divino y el Heroe (1994)
  • Character and Neurosis: An Integrative View (1994)
  • The End of Patriarchy and the Dawning of a Tri-une Society [English translation of La Agonńia del Patriarcado] (1994)
  • Gestalt-sin Fronteras: Testimonios sobre el legado de Fritz Perls (1993)
  • La Agonńia del Patriarcado (1993)
  • Gestalt Gestalt Therapy: The Attitude and Practice of an Atheoretical Experientalism [English translation of La vieja y novísma gestalt: Actitud y práctica de un experiencia lismo ateorico] (1993)
  • Attegglamento e prassi della terapia gestaltica (1991)
  • Enneatype Structures (1990)
  • How To Be: Meditation in Spirit and Practice (1990)
  • La vieja y novísma gestalt: Actitud y práctica de un experiencia lismo ateorico (1990)
  • The Healing Journey: New Approaches to Consciousness (1973)
  • The One Quest (1972)
  • On the Psychology of Meditation [with Robert E. Ornstein] (1971)
  • Author of (Book Chapters) #
  • "Experiences with the Interpersonal Psychedelics" in Ecstasy: The Complete Guide [edited by Julie Holland] (2001)
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  • Videos
  • "Healing Civilization" [interviewed by Eleonora Gilbert], Conscious.TV (2010)
  • "Claudio Naranjo" [interviewed by Jan Ohman] (2002)