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JFK's Use of Drugs
by C. Reeve
Mar 20, 1994
Originally posted to alt.drugs
Excerpts from netnews.alt.drugs: 19-Mar-94 
Re: -*-*-*- What would be t..
by Don Harrison

> used pot, I was voting democratic for sure. Has anyone seen literature that
> shows MJ users make better politicians? And another thing, I'd rather have

I know very little about the issue, but there's definitely incentive to
look into how much drugs JFK did in his time.  Take a look at this quote
in Timothy Leary's _Flashbacks_.  Mary Meyer met with Kennedy about 30
times, the majority of which we can safely assume that he 1) had sex
with her and/or 2) had an LSD session, overlooked by Meyer; the latter
is known to have happened quite a few times, because she frequently
reported to Leri himself of having great success at "turning on" some
guys up top in the govt.  After trying acid for the first time - yes
acid (sounds unheard of these days, eh?  I bet most of the normalized
hippies alive today have forgotten this.) - the president made an
interesting comment:

"Mary Meyer told Truitt that JFK had remarked: 'This isn't like cocaine.
 I'll get you some of that.'" (366)

Note that "In interviews with the _National Enquirer_, Associated Press,
and _Washington Post_ Truitt revealed that a woman named Mary Pinchot
Meyer had conducted a two-year love affair with President John Kennedy
and had smoked marijuana with him in a White House bedroom." (366)

Mary Meyer served as Leri's temporary contact for LSD and/or psilocybin
in Europe when he was unable to produce his own.  Her assassination is
known (... oh sorry, believed ) to be firmly connected to JFK's. 
She was supposedly mugged, but she was shot something like twice in the
head, and once in the heart.  I guess she was just really really strong
and had to be shot 3 times in strategic places before the purse could be
wrestled from her, eh?  Hopefully I got someone interested enough to
start reading about it.  The more we all know, the better.

But how times have changed, eh?  I wonder if Clinton ever sneaks a bud
or two into the White House bedroom these days?

....................................................Christopher B. Reeve