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Christian Rätsch
photo by Sinbad Vine.
Christian Rätsch
photographer unknown
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Christian Rätsch
Christian Rätsch is an author, an anthropologist and Germany's leading expert on ethnopharmacology. He lived for three years with the Lacandón Indians in Chiapas, Mexico and did his doctoral thesis on their spells and incantations. Rätsch works in Hamburg, Germany, as a freelance author and lecturer and conducts research into the ethnopharmacology of psychoactive plants and animals. He has published a number of books on these topics, both in German and in English, and is the founder and co-editor of The Yearbook of Ethnomedicine and the Study of Consciousness.

Author of (Books)
  • Shamanism & Tantra in the Himalayas [with C. Müller-Ebeling] (2002)
    Schamanismus und Tantra in Nepal (2000)
  • Marijuana Medicine - A World Tour of the Healing and Visionary Powers of Cannabis (2001)
  • Plants of the Gods [with Schultes & Hofmann] (2001)
    Les plantes de l'amour (2000)
  • Plants of Love: The History of Aphrodisiacs and A Guide to Their Identification and Use (1990)
  • The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants (2004)
    Enzyklopaedie der Psychoaktiven Pflanzen (1998)
  • Medizin aus dem Regenwald: Die Weisheit der Naturvoelker (1997)
  • Urbock: Bierjenseits von Hopfen und Malz (1996)
  • Gateway to Inner Space: Sacred Plants, Mysticism and Psychotherapy (Editor, 1989)
  • Lexikon der Zauberpflanzen (1988)
    Dictionary of Sacred and Magical Plants (1988)
  • Author of (Articles)
  • Die Erforschung des Inneren Raumes from Cybertribe Archives
  • Die Krötenmutter
  • "Witches' Medicine--The Legacy of Hecate" in Hexenmedizin (1998)
  • Jahrbuch für Ethnomedizin und Bewusstseinsforschung