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Zoe Seven
Photographer Unknown
Zoe Seven
Photographer Unknown
Erowid Character Vaults
Zoe Seven (Joseph Marti)
Joseph Marti was born in New York City. From age 5 through 10 he lived in Ecuador, after which he moved to Florida. Prone to fantasy and fighting in his youth, he spent the ninth grade in military school, before returning to public school. A poor student, he graduated high school with a "D" average. In 1989, according to Marti, he was contacted via a ouija board by an entity called Zem, which made short-and long-term predictions regarding his future. Initially, Zem predicted a lightning strike and brief power outage, astonishing Marti and four friends when it occurred within minutes of the prediction. Perhaps even more surprising--considering Marti's lifelong struggles in school--Zem claimed to be in possession of several books that Marti would write in the future. According to Zem, Marti's books were the reason he had come to the physical dimension: "You will be a pioneer", Zem related. Zem encouraged Marti to look into Eckankar, a spiritual path that taught out-of-body traveling techniques and how to interact with intelligent discarnate entities while dreaming. Marti studied Eckankar for five years.

In 1997, Marti enrolled at The Farsight Institute to learn Remote Viewing. Critical of some approaches taught at Farsight, he adopted Stephen LaBerge's techniques for lucid dreaming and started to investigate various electronic "mind machines", experimenting with brainwave synchronizers, neuroelectrical stimulators, electroencephalograph analyzers, and biofeedback devices. As a voracious reader, Marti's early studies of new age philosophies and his later research of technologically altered mental states led him to discover authors who held psychedelics in high regard. Although he'd believed the anti-drug propaganda he was exposed to in his youth, eventually--late in his 30th year--Marti smoked cannabis for the first time. Marti rapidly made up for lost time, initially focusing on over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and non-scheduled plants (such as cyclizine, dextromethorphan, dimenhydrinate, diphenhydramine, and Salvia divinorum), which he consumed in combination with his brainwave-altering technological devices.

During a techno/mushroom trip in 1999, he had the experience of being contacted by an other-dimensional version of himself from the future, who explained that he was actually part of a group of six distinct personalities. Although they'd existed as unique individuals from separate space-time continuums up until that point, according to his future self, they would all soon begin to exist as a multi-dimensional synergy personality cluster. Shortly thereafter, Marti adopted the name Zoe7, to represent the new collective he now believed was his true self: a whole that was greater than the sum of its parts. While continuing his investigations, he wrote the autobiography: Into The Void, published in 2001. His later experiments focused on the use of mind machines combined with Salvia divinorum consumption during his ayahuasca trips. Still fascinated with spiritual and psychological applications for altered mental states, he also became obsessed with researching conspiracy theories and the paranormal. These experiments and topics were the focus of Zoe Seven's second book, Back From The Void: A Modern-day Shaman's Odyssey Continues. Seven lectured internationally on the material discussed in his books, and in 2002 he began working with partner Silvia Polivoy, facilitating legal ayahuasca sessions at TheVine Center, her transdenominational/interfaith retreat center located in Bahia, Brazil.

In late 2012, Seven published Spirit of Comedy by Max McCullan, the first of a planned five-part e-book series. He had been working on the second of that series, They Call Him: Mr. Triple-X, along with the final volume of his Void trilogy, Beyond The Void, when he passed away in July 2013.

Quote #
"The Void is a primordial point of origin as well as a point of extinction.
It is the Alpha and the Omega--a way station for recycling soul and all of Creation.
The Void can be thought of as an 'instance' in which nothing exists.
It's a point when All That Is was not."
-- Zoe Seven, Back From The Void, 2005
Author of Books
  • Spirit of Comedy by Max McCullan. BookBaby (2012)
  • Back From The Void: A Modern-day Shaman's Odyssey Continues. Z Media (2005)
  • Into The Void: Psychedelics, Hallucinogens, Brain Technology Devices, & The Expansion of Consicousness. Zon Worldwide Media (2001)
  • Author of Articles
  • "Plantspeak: A Fantastic Love Story" (book preview), Forum (Jun 2009)
  • "Of Scientists and Shamans: Mind, Molecules & Magic" (book preview), The AVS Journal 5(1): 2-7 (2005)
  • "Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner's Sage" (book preview), The AVS Journal 4(1): 10-14 (2004)
  • "Back from the Void" (book preview), The Entheogen Review 12(3):89-91 (2003)
  • "Astral Sex Dream Girl" (excerpt from Into the Void), The MAPS Bulletin 12(1): 36-37 (2002)
  • "Cyber-Shamanism: The Fusion of Modern Technology with Ancient, Plant-Based Shamanism", The AVS Journal 2(4): 2, 22-34 (2002)
  • Audio
  • Oracle Speak with Ana Cortez : Last Interview with Zoe7 Prior to His Death (June 2013)
  • "Mind Machines, Entheogens, and the Expansion of Consciousness", presentation at Mind States II conference. Podcast 038, Matrix Masters' Psychedelic Salon (May 2001)
  • Reviews of Zoe Seven's Books
  • Into The Void, reviewed by H.R. Fox (Aug 2013)
  • Into The Void, reviewed by Fork (Aug 2012)
  • Back From The Void, reviewed by David Arnson (Jul 2009)
  • Into The Void, reviewed by Scotto (May 2005)