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RAW Remembrances
v 1.0 - Jan 17, 2007
Remembrances on Erowid: Offsite Remembrances:
# RAW's work had a profound effect on my developing mind. For my 14th birthday, a friend of my mom's gave me a copy of the Illuminatus! Trilogy. He had carefully gone through the book beforehand and dog-eared all the pages that had naughty parts, just to make sure that my adolescent self would get good and hooked on the book. It worked.

If I hadn't received that gift, I know I wouldn't be the person I am today. I'm sure I would have stumbled over a lot of the concepts in that book eventually, but getting them all in one place, presented so entertainingly, set me down early and firmly on the path to hedonistic metaprogramming; or, as RAW would put it, using my brain for fun and profit.

And while his fiction got me interested in that path, it was his non-fiction that helped to show me how it was done, particularly Cosmic Trigger and Prometheus Rising. Great stories, great tips and tricks, all intended to help skeptics with a sense of humor use spiritual technology to open their brains and reconfigure the world according to their whims. The shiznit works, is the thing. Try it and you'll see.

Last but not least, I'm grateful to the existence of RAW's work for the social networking it enabled. When you met another fan of Illuminatus!, you knew you had found someone you could talk to, someone who liked to think AND liked to scramble their brains -- someone into the kind of fun only intrepid, loony, sardonic psychonauts get to have. Without RAW, I think there's an excellent chance that I would never even have heard of the internet drug cult I've happily belonged to for over a decade now. Hell, without RAW I think there's an excellent chance my internet drug cult would never have existed, and that would have been a damn shame. Thank you, Robert Anton Wilson.

-- DMF 23, aka Slappy Pinchbottom
# I knew the sorrow and the hope I felt on that binary date had a purpose.

Had the skies not been so grey here, I might have noticed sooner that one of its brightest stars had stopped shining. But light that star shed on me will always be remembered, for guiding me on many dark nights, to what can often be the most difficult thing for a person to find - the self.

Rest in weirdness, Bob. The goddess has finally found someone worthy of her company.
Hail Eris.

# Dear Pope Bob Room 23 Chapel Perlious,

I regret not having corresponded with you, I am not sure why I never did.

My name is Vandad and I am still not awake, Before I discovered the Illuminatus! Trilogy , I was just what they wanted me to be.

You re-set my mind patterns through the Illuminataus! Trilogy, you showed me the cosmic giggle. I read the cosmic trigger and I truly did learn the final secret, Ive entered the Chapel many-a-time, both with and without the right preperations (Interesting both times)

I seem to be distracted and losing thought, I wont however, edit this email and change it, I know that you RAW will read this (To any other readers, I know he's dead, I also KNOW RAW)

Raw knows me,

The will of Eris will be done, Discord Discord Discord

P.S Hagbard told me he pisses while he whistles , The All Seeing Eye Winked at me in Atlantis.

guess what , guess bob guess guess! ok ok Ill tell you........

OP-MINDFUCK has started

RAW Will never be forgotten