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The Galactic Harmonic Primer
Lesson I - Archetypes of Creation
by James Kent
Issue 1, Summer 1997
Originally published in The Resonance Project
Galactic Harmonics is a grand discipline occupied with the examination of the underlying patterns and themes present in all levels of material existence. From the subatomic to the cosmic, these recurring patterns can be found in everything from particle interaction to social dynamics to the unfolding of the universe itself. When viewed through the magical filters of physics and mathematics, we can begin to see that the universe – at its most basic level – is nothing more than an immense pattern-generating function. We are just one small part of the universal pattern, but each tiny particle of our being mirrors the vast complexities of the entire universe. When we study without, we also study within.

This primer has been compiled to introduce readers to some key universal patterns and some of their primary cross-disciplinary correspondences. By relating key concepts to meditative states, it is my hope that meditation and practice will instill a sense of how integral each of these concepts are to the actual physical process of life. Naturally, we will start at the beginning, but as we move forward each new concept will compliment the last and continue to build until there is no beginning and no end – only patterns and cycles.

This introductory list is far from complete, but when you begin to unravel even the basics of galactic structure, you begin to unravel the deeper mysteries of creation and life itself. Each one of these thoughts can fuel hours of ontological musing, and each one is a good starting place for further meditation and exploration.

Zero, the Void
Zero is a good place to start because we work with zeroes every day. Zero is nothing. It is the absence of all things. It is empty. Nada. Nil. Zero represents a numerical value (the absence of value), but it also represents the void – the vast still emptiness which existed before all of creation and will probably exist long after the death of our universe. The universal symbol for zero is an empty circle.

Linear time does not exist in the void, nor do events, actions, matter, or space. It is a stark nothingness without self, ego, or awareness. The void is timeless and eternal. It is the blank canvas awaiting inspiration. It is the uncarved block of the Tao. It is the uncluttered mind ready to receive knowledge. It is the unfertilized ovum.

Because the void exists outside of material space, it has no corresponding chakra or body position. The void can only be experienced preceding birth, following death, or through a ‘near death' or ‘out of body' experience where the trappings of physical self and ego are temporarily removed.

Singularity, the Seed
The singularity is an incomprehensibly small point which contains a near infinite amount of densely packed information. The singularity is a mathematical paradox because it is infinitely massive yet infinitely small. Its gravitational field is so dense that it causes space and time to bend, freeze, and reverse around the edges. Singularities are only found in black holes, subatomic nuclei, and in the first few nanoseconds of our early universe. The symbol for singularity is a single dot or one-dimensional point.

Any information entering a singularity instantly collapses under such intense pressure that it becomes encrypted within a mathematical paradox. From our perspective, the singularity is a one-way information valve. Any information entering a singularity is impossible to retrieve. Not even light can escape. Whatever goes in is compressed into ‘not-being' and spit across a no-return hole in spacetime. Some theorists believe this information is just locked into the black hole forever; some say it will eventually evaporate away into particle decay. Einstein and Rosen theorized that singularities could even be wormholes to alternate dimensions of reality. Unfortunately, no one will ever know because the compression makes it impossible to survive the journey.

The singularity of the early universe also represents the star seed -- a hard-shelled courier of self-replicating, viral information. From this single seed, an entire universe erupted. Because the singularity contains the infinite within the small, it can only begin to grow in a void that is big enough to hold it. This is true with all seeds. Each seed contains vast potential – but a seed can only germinate in very specific conditions.

The seed metaphor also exists in the dimension of pure idea. Any single idea can seed an infinite number of new ideas – but seeds of idea will only germinate in very particular conditions. Like the singularity, the seed of idea seeks a silent, uncluttered place to plant its roots and become fully formed. In many theologies, the initial seed is not a theoretical object, it is simply God's idea to fill the eternal void of loneliness.

The chakra which relates to the singularity is located between the navel and the pelvic bone. This point is not only the "essential" center of your being, it is also your center of gravity and the central furnace of your ki -- the life force which flows through you and animates your body. The body position which corresponds to the seed is a tightly held tuck. Pull your knees up to your chin, roll your face down, and curl up into a ball. When you exhale, collapse and let your energy sink deeper and deeper into your central furnace.

Conception and Inspiration
Out of all the harmonic constants, conception is possibly the most miraculous of all. Conception is the temporal point where the unreleased potential of the seed enters into the empty void and begins to germinate. This is where the process of creation begins. Conception is the dawn. It is the bliss of new life. It is the birth of new ideas.

The traditional symbol for conception is a spark, flash of light, or the spiritual breath of God being magically imbued into matter. In terms of thought and idea, the spark metaphor for conception is seen in the modern image of a light bulb going off over someone's head. This metaphor can also be seen throughout history in paintings of saints and prophets who have a halo or circle of divine light shining over their heads.

The chakra which corresponds to conception is the crown chakra. You can locate the crown chakra by drawing a line straight over the top of the head from each ear until you hit a small bump where the plates of your skull join together. It is usually through this point that the spark of conception hits the body. This experience is commonly referred to as ‘illumination' or ‘enlightenment.' To experience pure conception in its rawest form is to literally ‘see the light.' It is peace, clarity of thought, fulfillment, and euphoria all rolled into one.

Expansion and Exposition
Expansion is the operation which defines growth in the spatial and temporal dimensions of our physical universe. Expansion is best described as constant movement away from a central point in all directions at once. The symbol for Expansion is a circle with arrows or vectors pointing out in all directions from the center. These arrows represent the travel of force through space, and the circle represents the wave of force traveling through time. As time marches on, so expands the circle.

Any kind of explosion or free energy release within a vacuum will result in a smooth, spherical expansion of force in all directions. The distance this force will travel (unless confined or conflicted by another force) is theoretically infinite, and stops only when and if time stops. The first expansion of our universe is, of course, the Big Bang. The scientific best guess as to how the universe was created is that it spontaneously erupted out of a singularity into a great vacuum of space. Our universe is still growing, and we are still riding the expanding wave of the Big Bang. Theoretically, we will continue to expand until we eventually fizzle out or snap back on ourselves like a giant bungee cord.

Expansion is also seen in the causal spread of a single action or event. Each physical action has it's own expansion wave. Simply drop a pebble into a smooth lake to see this principle in action. This may seem like an overly obvious example, but the same pebble, when dropped on hard ground, will still create ripples through the air and through the Earth. Any noise or radiant energy will also travel in a wave away from it's point of origin until it is bound, reflected, or acted on by a conflicting wave. When expanding wave forces overlap, all sorts of interesting interference patterns and harmonic phenomena occur, but those will be discussed in separate lessons.

The chakra for expansion is the heart chakra - located in the center of the chest. To activate expansion, stand or lie down with arms and legs spread to all four directions like a compass. Take in a series of smooth deep breaths in rapid succession, then focus the energy building in your chest to radiate in smooth circles outward from your body. This shimmering orb of energy is sometimes referred to as an aura.

Contraction and Introspection
Contraction is the eventual reaction to all expansion. Contraction is defined as a collapsing or pushing inward of force towards a central point. The symbol for contraction is a dot with arrows from all directions pointing inward.

When information is being passed from one space into another, the space that is passing information is contracting or collapsing, the space which receives the information is expanding or growing. This is just common sense. The contracting mind pushes information away, the expanding mind absorbs all the information it can. The contracting lungs push air away, the expanding lungs bring new air in. The collapsing universe compresses information out, the expanding universe explodes information in.

Contraction is never comfortable. There is always pain and a sense of loss associated with it. Contraction is often related to introspection and some kind of physical or mental release. The body position relating to contraction is, of course, the fetal position – body hunched over, knees apart, feet together, and hands tucked in towards the chest. The chakra related to contraction is where the stomach muscles intersect around the navel. The spasmodic energy releases from this point control not only labor and birth, but orgasm as well.

Duality and Balance
All of physical existence is set to an eternal duality. Duality manifests itself in the ongoing struggle between two diametrically opposed forces. These forces are always at odds, yet always seeking balance. There are many symbols for duality, but the most commonly recognized symbol for duality is the Chinese mandala of yin and yang.

Duality is present in all matter from the tiniest particle to the greatest of galaxies. The two primary dualities which define every interaction in our entire universe are the positive and negative forces of particle electrodynamics (proton and electron) and the constantly shifting transitions between solid matter and radiant energy. These two essential dualities are the elementary basis for all other gross dualities perceived or intrinsic to the system: on/off; +/-; 1/0; light/dark; day/night; good/evil; male/female; sun/moon; heaven/hell; God/Satan; pain/pleasure; etc. The nature of these gross dualities varies depending on the specific cultural contexts they are found in, but the light/dark overtones are ubiquitous, and they are always destined to be pitted against one another.

There are some who would say that duality is a bad thing, and that it should be somehow overcome. However, even though the primal dualistic forces are eternally at odds, they are also eternally drawn to one another. In fact, the subtle dynamics between these two forces is what makes time, space, perception, and life itself possible. Without duality there would be no particle attraction or interaction – only timeless static hegemony.

Themes relating to duality of self can be found in just about every branch of psychology known. There is id and superego; conscious mind and unconscious mind; personal self and transpersonal self; right-brain and left-brain; happiness and sadness; logic and emotion; body and spirit; not to mention mother and father. Many believe that the key to a happy well-adjusted life is to simply find a healthy balance within all of these opposing forces – something that is no doubt easier said than done.

A simple right-brain/left-brain meditation is to sit upright and hold your arms in front of you at shoulder height. Turn your palms forward, and as you inhale make a fist with your right hand. Imagine that you are pulling energy in through the chakra on your left palm. Exhale energy back out the left palm, and as you breath in again, open your right hand and close your left. As you inhale energy through your right palm, you will feel a tide roll from the left to the right side of your body.

Orbits and Cycles
When two forces are attracted to each other they will either collide instantly or just decide to dance around each other for a while. Electrons orbit around protons; the moon orbits around the earth; the earth orbits around the sun; the sun orbits around the center of the galaxy; and the galaxy orbits around the center of the universe. The symbol for an orbit is a ball with another smaller ball travelling in a circle around it.

Everything travels in orbits around something else. This is just a simple mechanism of the universe. Orbits are the way discrete pieces of physical matter define their space. There are all kinds of orbits; wide orbits; eccentric orbits; figure 8 and cloverleaf orbits; synchronous orbits; symbiotic orbits; etc. Some orbits are very strong and will last forever unless they are acted upon by an outside force. Other orbits are doomed to spiral faster and faster into eventual collisions or separations.

To maintain healthy orbits within your life, it is always good to nurture and strengthen the bonds that hold your relationships together. Some orbits are very tight and need constant attention, others are infrequent and only need to be maintained once in a while. There is usually a silent mutual understanding between people considering the orbits they will keep in regards to one another. Too far is bad, too close is bad, but a comfortable distance somewhere in the middle is just right. This allows each person to have her or his own space while still being able to share the mutual space which holds them together.

Spirals and Vortices
Spirals are fascinating phenomenon caused by a gradually expanding or gradually collapsing orbit. Most spirals are so mathematically uniform that their motion is literally hypnotizing to look at. It is somehow horrifying and comforting at the same time to see that all spirals move on such mechanically predetermined paths, and that the outcome of the trajectory is undeniable. Our galaxy is a sea of stars spiralling around a great bulge (possibly a black hole) at the center, and our planet is slowly spiralling into our sun. It will not happen in our lifetime, or anytime soon, but aeons from now the earth will surely suffer a slow hot death as it winds down into the solar sinkhole. Yes, there is something morbidly fascinating about spirals.

Spirals pop up everywhere: springs; drains; pinwheels; shells; weather patterns; galaxies; geometry; DNA; high-energy particle interactions; etc. The symbol for a spiral is an arc which moves around a central point in tighter and tighter or greater and greater orbits.

Spirals are all about spinning, getting dizzy, and then finally losing it by collapsing uncontrollably inward or uncontrollably breaking loose. Not only can your body spin, but your thoughts can spin too. Most of our thoughts orbit around certain important tasks and problems, but some thoughts inevitably spiral way out of control (up, down, sideways...). These thought spirals generally affect mood and self-image, and some say that getting too roped into these spirals can be unhealthy. Most people prefer calm and stable orbits, but there are some people who genuinely thrive on the dizzying energy of spirals alone. If you want spirals, start dizzying your pace.

Neutral, the Null
Within every duality system there pops up a strange phenomenon known as the null. It is not at odds with anything. It does not seek unique interactions. It does not react to either light or dark. It is the neutron. It is ambivalent. It is neither one nor the other. It is neutral.

The null has neither sex nor electric charge, but it has mass. As far as anyone can tell, the null has no other purpose than to just hang out, take up space and time, and not cause any trouble. In the unending battle between the dualistic forces of the universe, the null is the time out, the pause, the idle, the filler, the maybe, the pass bet, the comma, and the no comment of the universe. There are many recognized symbols for the null, but the most common is an empty circle with a diagonal line through it.

The null is the simplest yet probably the most perplexing of all the harmonic constants. The null just simply is. It is the silent passing of time; the hanging out with nothing to do; and the soft moments which pass unnoticed and undisturbed. It is the quiet contentment of being neither happy nor sad, but just simply being.

Thus endeth the lesson for this time. Stay tuned for Lesson II – The Morphology of Mysticism. Lesson II will include discussions on crosses, unities, trinities, mandalas, magnetic fields, fractals, sacred geometry, and much more. See ya' then.

James Kent is a writer and web designer by day, Director of The Resonance Project by night. He currently lives in Seattle.

©Copyright Resonant Media, 2000. All rights reserved.