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Journal Articles & Abstracts
on the Spiritual Use of Entheogens



Do Drugs Have Religious Import?, by Huston Smith
The Journal of Philosophy, Vol 61 (No. 18) Sep 17, 1964
(Online Copy)

Psychedelics and the Religious Experience, by Alan Watts
California Law Review, Vol 56 (No. 1) Jan 1968; 74-85No. 8, 1997; 15-22
(Online Copy)

The Reunification of the Sacred and the Natural, by Ralph Metzner
Eleusis, No. 8, 1997; 3-13
(Online Copy)

The Spiritual Use of Psychoactive Drugs, by Nicholas Saunders
Lecture, and Eleusis, No. 8, 1997; 15-22
(Online Copy)



Drugs and Mysticism, by Walter Pahnke
The International Journal of Parapsychology, Vol. 8 (No. 2) Spring 1966; 295-313
(Online Copy)

The Psychedelic Mystical Experience in the Human Encounter with Death, by Walter N. Pahnke
The Psychedelic Review, No. 11, 1971
(Online Copy) (Hardcopy)



Shamanic Origins of Religion and Medicine, by Weston La Barre, PhD
Journal of Psychedelic Drugs, Vol 11 (No. 1-2) Jan-Jun 1979, 7-11
(No Text Available)