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Highly Recommended Pain Poultice Dan Ayahuasca 2018 Jan 30
Recommended Overshot Dan Phenylalanine (DLPA) & Selegiline (Deprenyl) 2009 Feb 21
Recommended Frightening but Informative Dan H.B. Woodrose & Syrian Rue 2004 Dec 28
Recommended Melatonin and Stress Related Insomnia Dan Melatonin 2001 Jan 31
I Met God dan DXM 2023 Oct 29
Tearing the Burden Off My Back Dan Salvia divinorum 2018 Jul 20
The Psychedelic Tattoo Parlor Dan 4-AcO-DMT 2017 Jan 16
the world unfolded. Dan 25i-NBOMe, Diazepam, and Cannabis 2013 Nov 17
A Great Night Out Dan 4-Methylmethcathinone (Mephedrone) & Alcohol 2009 Dec 27
Unnatural and Unpleasant Dan Spice Product ('Gold') 2009 May 28
Went to Nature Dan LSD & Cannabis 2007 Mar 06
Patterns Consumed Every Point of View Dan Mushrooms & Cannabis 2004 Dec 10
Inhalant Dreams, Inhalant Nightmares Dan Inhalants (Propane) 2003 Feb 12
Bhang Death Dan Cannabis 2001 Dec 27
A New Reason to Hate the Dentist Dan Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen 2022 Dec 22
An Enjoyably Quiet Afternoon Dan H.B. Woodrose 2019 Aug 20
In My Own Little World Dan Ketamine 2018 Dec 26
It Must Have Been the Rain Dan Cannabis 2008 Mar 31
Here I Sit Now, Reflecting on 8 Years Dan Cannabis 2008 Mar 31
Balance of Risks Dan Diphenhydramine 2007 Nov 13
Mushrooms and Opiate Withdrawl Dan Mushrooms & Codeine 2007 May 31
Legal Dose Dan Salvia splendens 2006 Oct 28
Quit Cold Turkey Dan Tobacco - Cigarettes 2004 Jan 19
A Night of Fun Turns Into a Disaster Dan 1,4 Butanediol, LSD & Alprazolam 2003 Dec 03
The Devil In My Head Dan LSD, Alcohol, Cannabis & Hydrocodone 2002 Feb 06
Was It Dust? Dan PCP (?) & Cannabis 2001 Aug 17
Mind Confusion Dan LSD 2001 Mar 14
Racism Conquered and Friendships Strengthened Dan MDMA & LSD 2001 Feb 18
Not Just for Egg Nog Dan Nutmeg 2000 Jun 26
I Went Full on Panic and Realized I'm Tripping Dan Cannabis 2018 Feb 25
Long Term Effects Occur From Time to Time Dan Spice & Synthetic Cannabinoids 2017 Sep 19
A Let-Down dan Pseudoephedrine 2013 Apr 10
Good Until I Smoked Dan Oxycodone (Oxycontin) & Cannabis 2008 May 30
The Golden Root Dan Rhodiola Rosea 2007 Jul 19
Save Your Money Dan Wild Lettuce (L. virosa) 2003 Dec 12
Very Relaxed Dan MDMA 2021 Dec 09
Worsening of Involuntary Muscle Movement Dan Methylphenidate & 25C-NBOMe 2016 Oct 02
Little LySA Dan H.B. Woodrose (HBW) 2015 Sep 27

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