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Cannabis Only and method - oral
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Highly Recommended Eternal Psychedelic BBQ Trie Cannabis 2020 Jun 29
Highly Recommended Peripheral Visions and Synthetic Meaning Hector the Crow Cannabis 2004 Jan 21
Recommended Ladies and Gents, He Has Achieved Liftoff... DBLR Cannabis (edible) 2022 Oct 14
Recommended The Trip Was an Eye Opener vedu Cannabis (Bhang) 2021 Apr 12
Recommended The Whirling Void Enjoys the Hospital the howling doo Cannabis - Hash (extract edible) 2021 Jan 07
Recommended Mellow Brownies Jostie Cannabis 2020 Nov 19
Recommended Budder Recipe Verification via HPLC ChemTech3 Cannabis 2019 Feb 27
Recommended Hashish near the Pillars of Hercules David Uruquhart Hashish 2018 May 30
Recommended Relaxation Followed by Fear and Trepidation Something Awful Cannabis 2017 Oct 23
Recommended Let Me Out of This Spaceship So I Can Puke anonymous Cannabis Tincture 2016 Aug 14
Recommended Extreme Amplified Worry at Anime Convention Ascension Oral Cannabis 2014 Sep 18
Recommended Ingesting Hash - A Perspective purplegrass Cannabis 2012 Jan 25
Recommended An Intense First Time Satyrcynic Cannabis (edible) 2011 Oct 28
Recommended Brownies Insane Sleep Cannabis 2011 Oct 15
Recommended Harnessing Panic into the Astral Realm XCALIBR8 Cannabis 2010 Jul 14
Recommended Ganja Tea Skandalman Dan Cannabis 2007 Nov 06
Recommended Like a Light Shroom Trip Nirvana Cannabis 2007 Jul 17
Recommended No Contact with the Mothership NoEchoInSpace Cannabis 2007 Feb 19
Recommended A Hard Lesson in Gastrology p dot Cannabis - Hash 2006 Jun 15
Recommended Universal Life Red Ice Cannabis 2006 Apr 30
Recommended F.U.B.A.R. on Pot Pastries Hector the Crow Cannabis 2003 Jan 08
Recommended The Meal of Visions and Pure Evil Bunny Biscuits Cannabis 2002 Sep 27
This Is Not Just Paranoia grassisgreener Cannabis (edible) 2022 Jan 16
Tunnelling Through the Memory Hole bindingaffinity Cannabis (edibles) 2021 Apr 13
Cardiac Neuroticism D X Meth-Head Cannabis (edible) 2021 Apr 12
A Brownie Mistake babydoll Cannabis 2020 Nov 19
One of the Most Traumatic Moments of My Life. Xaniel da legend Cannabis (edible) & Quetiapine 2020 Oct 27
Worst Case Family Weekend Trip Scenario Ben Cannabis 2020 Sep 03
Post-Legalization Edible Teaknee Cannabis 2020 Aug 03
Consumed by Catatonic Despair Whitman Cannabis (edible) 2020 Jan 26
Long Lasting, Highly Dissociative Eleucid Cannabis (edible) 2019 Jul 23
Very Good With Hash Huxley 2C-B & Hash (edible) 2019 Jun 23
I'm Going to Die Tonight sansastark Cannabis (edible) 2019 May 23
Music, Icees, and Ill-Advised First Times Morbid Cannabis (edible) 2019 Jan 31
Slices of Time BLB Cannabis (Edible) 2018 Sep 26
Cannapills: Too High for Too Long Don Tank Cannabis 2018 Sep 07
43y/o Learned to Vape, Got Uncomfortably Baked newmark42 Cannabis 2018 Mar 24
Cookies Weren't What We Expected Captain Cannabis (Edible) 2018 Jan 12
Sex with the Universe Atonal Persona Cannabis 2017 Dec 23
Laser Tag - A Tribal Ritual Hermes Trismegistus Cannabis 2017 Dec 12
Approach Eating It With Caution Kaze no koyo Cannabis 2017 Oct 23
Panic and Despair Pinkie Cannabis (Edible) 2017 Oct 08
Edible Overdose Danger Byrd Cannabis 2016 Oct 20
Turned Out I Wasn't Cautious Enough Khelben Cannabis & Guarana 2016 Aug 28
Toilet Seat Trip Nathan Bloot Cannabis 2015 Dec 27
Toilet Bowl Trip Dr. Whitehead Cannabis (Edibles) 2012 Mar 08
Increased Depth of Music & Advanced 'Thought' Alien_to_code Cannabis (edible) 2011 Dec 03
I Prefer Smoking jrwproof Cannabis (edible) 2011 Nov 01
Almost Overwhelmed but Navigated to Safety Slane Cannabis (edible) 2011 Oct 30
Scary High with Firecrackers Badfish Cannabis (edible) 2011 Oct 27
Brownies Aren't All That Great RezE Cannabis 2010 Oct 27
All the Buildings Were Models of Themselves Cookie-eater Cannabis 2010 Jun 13
Nocturnal Mind and Body Fuck Space Cadet Cannabis 2009 May 12
Marijuana Brownie Disaster TheArcher Cannabis 2008 Aug 23
Unexpected Intensity Rollatini Cannabis 2008 Jun 19
Mythbusters Paimon Cannabis 2008 Apr 29
The Brownies From Hell Evil Brownies Cannabis 2008 Mar 03
The Brownie Experience Anon_pothead Cannabis 2008 Mar 01
Spiritual Psychedelic First Time Experience John Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 Dec 03
10 Hour Stone Jonny B Cannabis - Hash 2007 Apr 10
Ultimate Relaxation Flipper Cannabis - Hash 2007 Jan 16
The Green , or Yes! You Can Trip on Weed Zephyr Cannabis 2007 Jan 07
Moderation in All Things GoatFish Cannabis 2006 Mar 31
From MariPills to Cookies BT Cannabis - Oil Extract 2005 Nov 21
Brownie Stoned Intensity Cathy Cannabis (Oral) 2005 Nov 13
Strange Feelings storm Cannabis (oral) 2005 Sep 26
Head Meltdown!! Anon Cannabis 2005 Sep 22
An LSD-like High Death Cannabis 2004 Dec 08
I Might Never Smoke Again... M C Cannabis 2004 Oct 13
Temporary Insanity Stupid Girl Cannabis 2004 Mar 18
Second Time's The Charm Hector the Crow Cannabis 2003 Jan 08
Much Too Much Too Much Too Much Too... f Cannabis 2002 Oct 15
Bhang Death Dan Cannabis 2001 Dec 27
A Brownie as a Flight 'Enhancer' Michael Cannabis (edible) 2022 Oct 14
Kief Brownie gxldenboy Cannabis 2022 Oct 14
Incredible Anti-Inflammatory Properties cdin Cannabis - High CBD 2022 Jan 29
Respect The Edible's Power Mb Man Cannabis (edible) 2021 Oct 15
Hallucinogenic Brownies smotpoker Cannabis 2020 Dec 15
Not So Good Cookies paranoid pete Cannabis 2020 Nov 19
Psychosis Sent Me to Hospital nevertrippingagain Cannabis (edible) 2020 Nov 10
First Dance With Mary Michael Cannabis (edible) 2020 Oct 14
The Floodgates Opened Sweetblood17 Cannabis (edible) 2020 Aug 11
Psychedelic Meditation William C. Cannabis (edible) 2020 Jul 21
Just Not for Me Anymore alex Cannabis (edible) 2020 Jun 17
Bad Butter Trip - My Existence Is an Illusion Shadowland318 Cannabis (edible) 2020 Jan 10
Infinite Terror mitch Cannabis - Hash 2019 Oct 17
Doing the Hula Without Lessons silvercrank Cannabis 2019 Oct 14
I Got Trails in My Vision Nebulous Cannabis (oral) 2019 Sep 24
It All Feels Like a Dream Sarah Cannabis (edible) 2019 Jul 09
The Second Time, I Made Them Myself Salander20 Cannabis (edible) 2019 Jul 09
Un-Jolly Rancher Zelda Cannabis (edible) 2019 Jul 09
I Did Not Know This Was Possible Roze Cannabis (edible) 2019 May 18
The High Got More and More Intense Drummer72 Cannabis (edible) 2019 May 06
No Effect From Edibles Brad Cannabis 2019 Mar 03
Eaten Fresh, No High, Cured Arthritis Swazi-X Cannabis (oral) 2019 Feb 26
Very Calm and Fun jaggerjack Cannabis (extract) 2019 Feb 23
Looking for Answers... and Found Them Rae Cannabis 2019 Feb 17
Green Dragon Roar Random Output Cannabis 2018 Nov 10
Beware of the Underestimated Weed Brownie Han Solo Cannabis Edible 2018 Oct 28
Really Want to Take One More Pill asktheorb Cannabis (extract) 2018 Sep 09

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