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I Can't Believe It's Not MDMA No One You Know Methylone 2007 Jan 06
Only Downside is Duration sepulfreak Methylone 2004 Jan 29
Aphrodisia Marred by 'Speediness' weirwolf Methylone 2017 Dec 03
Sinister, Seductive, and a BAD psychedelic bluedolphin Methylone & Cannabis 2005 Dec 18
Nothing Like Weed Krank Methylone & Spice-Like Smoking Blend 2022 Oct 07
More Than I Expected and More Than I Wanted Skullfarmer Methylone, 2C-D, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2020 Apr 23
Incredible Positives with Incredible Drawbacks Anon2012 Methylphenidate 2018 Jan 02
Not What I Expected at All The Boat Methylphenidate (Concerta) & Sildenafil 2021 Jan 10
A Stimulated Night Nortyy Methylphenidate (Concerta), Cannabis & Opium 2007 Jan 14
Very Helpful Arquin Mirtazapine (Avanza) 2010 Jul 21
Recommended The Experiments Retrospective Initialised Modafinil 2006 Aug 20
Highly Recommended Two Years and Zero Regrets EF 1610 Modafinil (Modalert) 2006 Jun 29
Highly Recommended The Dog Spirit Logan M Morning Glory 2020 Feb 26
Recommended Infinity aeonaeonaeon Morning Glory 2005 Feb 07
Cum Baby Cum or Manifesting the Id MedicineMan Morning Glory 2018 May 21
A Quest for Infinite Love Acid Freak Morning Glory 2019 Sep 06
Very Good for Sex Some_Trippy_Guy Morning Glory 2018 Apr 26
Focused, Unfocused Curious Morning Glory 2007 Jul 27
Most Confusing Experience I've Ever Had David Morning Glory 2018 May 21
I Felt Calm and Content K.T Morning Glory 2018 May 17
Ewige Blumenkraft with Morning Glories Aetheros Morning Glory & Cannabis 2012 Apr 28
Take One Doctorellisdee Morning Glory (Extract), Cannabis, Alcohol & Salvia divinorum 2007 Oct 14
Calling of the Goddess Asymptote Morning Glory (Flying Saucer) & Cannabis 2007 Jun 02
Nothing Unusual, Just A Blue Sun MunkyJuce69 Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue & Flying Saucers) 2007 Jun 06
Pain is Just Another Thing Bob Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) 2007 Nov 28
Foreplay for One Orpheus Emerging Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) 2006 Dec 18
Multiple Dimensions Triarp Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor), Amphetamines (Adderall) & Cannabis 2023 Jun 01
A Fluffy Bubble Draven Morning Glory, H.B. Woodrose, Calamus, Ginseng & Kava 2007 Jan 12
Not All the Way nowimhere MPT & Mullein 2019 Oct 21
Recommended The Depressing Thought Loop Sophia A. Mushrooms 2017 Jan 19
Recommended Lost in Unchartered Territory of the Mind The Brick Elephant Mushrooms 2013 Aug 21
Recommended I Never Asked for Comfort, Only Insight Zubey Mushrooms 2012 Sep 05
Recommended Realization of Everything Ridder Mushrooms 2007 May 07
Recommended An Emotional Trippy Ride, All Well Worth It Candace Mushrooms 2007 Mar 26
Recommended Intergalactic Travel and Mutual Trips Metatron Mushrooms 2005 Dec 15
Recommended I Thought I Was Lava Sulome7 Mushrooms 2005 Aug 13
Rediscovering Connection Felurian Mushrooms 2019 Nov 05
Absolute Love and Hate Psychonaut Mushrooms 2019 Sep 26
The Absolute Feeling of Love PsychEnthusiast Mushrooms 2017 Dec 05
The Color of Infinity M.C. Mushrooms 2017 Jul 25
Becoming An Alien Observer Nbyrd Mushrooms 2008 Jun 10
Warped, Wild & WHOA! Inosolan Mushrooms 2007 Jun 11
The Indescribable SpriteKevin Mushrooms 2023 Apr 16
A Purgatory Afternoon FaithInMyself Mushrooms 2019 Oct 03
Leaping Lizards! Kujata Mushrooms 2019 May 18
The Curiosity of Not Knowing V. Herschoft Mushrooms 2001 Sep 02
I Was Healed AnonCyber Mushrooms 2023 Oct 06
Soul Union psilophile Mushrooms 2021 Jun 22
Realizing I Was Falling in Love With Her Merlin Mushrooms 2019 Nov 09
Sentient Trees Forest Mother Ancestor Wisdom Spacerific Mushrooms 2018 Aug 20
I Am Not Alone Girly_Boy Mushrooms 2018 Feb 07
Message from Christ Shroomhead Mushrooms 2007 Jun 25
Christmas Tree Fun, and Blueberry Bruises shroomchild Mushrooms & Alcohol 2020 Nov 22
Sex and Death Uncle Sid Mushrooms & Cannabis 2007 Jun 07
Bliss and Universe Consciousness Metatron Mushrooms & Cannabis 2007 Apr 03
4 Hours of Orgasms Bacchanalia Mushrooms & Cannabis 2021 Mar 26
New Orgasmic and Synesthetic Bliss AirConditioner Mushrooms & Cannabis (edible) 2023 Nov 27
Recommended Seeing the Future, Horny, Then Crying, Odd Night Jelly on white bread Mushrooms & DXM (with CPM) 2007 May 01
Death and Rebirth In the Matrix Ryuuseki Mushrooms & LSD 2006 Jun 19
A Disasterous Yet Wonderful Night Jewfolife Mushrooms & LSD 2005 Feb 14
Falling in Love on Mushrooms Ari Mushrooms & MDMA 2021 Jan 14
This Is It enosys Mushrooms & Syrian Rue 2021 Dec 08
A Turning Point in My Life makesthegrassgreen Mushrooms & Various 2018 Apr 11
Highly Recommended Self/Collective Love Heroic Dose VDay Trip scratchedelder Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2018 Apr 13
Recommended Going Beyond Reality Tizool Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2006 Jul 07
Recommended A Journey into the Land of Goblins E.S Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2003 Aug 29
Love My Inner Selves and Seeing Reality HK Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2020 Jan 25
I Smell Sex Girl Shelly Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2007 Jun 20
Mayans, UFOs & Holy Water Mr. Frink Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis 2007 Mar 16
Constantly Meditated on Myself atom Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis 2022 May 21
My First Shamanic Trip Phyz Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis 2007 Feb 25
Tea Party for One Homer Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Kratom & Cannabis 2021 Jul 29
Recommended Close Encounters With the Others JoshB Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa & Amyl Nitrite 2017 Oct 19
Sex Sleep Magic Mushrooms Tom Mushrooms - Panaeolus cyanescens 2017 Dec 15
Recommended The Gods Make Love Hokulea Mushrooms - Panaeolus cyanescens & MDMA 2002 Apr 09
Recommended Time to Remember (Forget) Fabian Mushrooms - Panaeolus cyanescens & P. mexicana, Syrian Rue & Hash 2007 Oct 12
Recommended Starry Night mundane Mushrooms, Alcohol & Cannabis 2022 Apr 30
Recommended Catalina Getaway Cs Mushrooms, Alcohol (Wine), Cannabis & Ketamine 2007 Jan 09
My Most Profound Trip Easy E Mushrooms, Alcohol, Cannabis & Tobacco 2020 Jan 05
Another Parallel Universe Liliana Mushrooms, Cocaine, Morphine & Cannabis 2017 Oct 18
Recommended First Time in the M-Hole GoldenMane MXE 2015 Oct 03
Fantasdick KABUKI GIRL Naloxone 2018 Jul 21
Recommended A New Dimension Of Beauty TwinIris Nitrous Oxide 2001 Jul 10
The Cramps No More Hippycrack Nitrous Oxide 2008 Jul 06
Cyclical Orgasm I Mudd Nitrous Oxide 2007 Jun 14
Kissing... The Best Feeling Ever NOS Nitrous Oxide 2007 Jan 13
In the Room Benthon Nitrous Oxide 2006 Nov 28
Sex and Hippy Crack Buddhist Ninja Nitrous Oxide 2021 Mar 08
Sex and Breathing Rory Nitrous Oxide 2007 Jun 20
Ressemblent Au Haschish Renaud Noix de Muscade 2003 Aug 12
Recommended Really Nurturing Erika Nutmeg 2019 Feb 10
Recommended I Give it a B Minus Duke Durden Nutmeg 2007 Jan 21
Recommended Old Spice, New Trip Alucard Nutmeg 2006 Apr 30
Nice Sexual Buzz l1n3n01z Nutmeg 2023 Jan 31
12 Hours of Sexual Bliss Wayne Nutmeg 2009 Dec 31
Plush Doll Love Megville Nutmeg 2008 Mar 29
What Comes After 10? Baz Nutmeg 2008 Jan 12
Extremely Sexualized High Delysid Dream Nutmeg 2001 Mar 04
To My Surprise I Felt the Effects Wayne Nutmeg & NItrites (Poppers) 2017 Nov 30
A Beautiful Anti-Depressant Belialith Nutmeg (extract) & Alcohol (wine) 2007 Nov 27

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