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Reports from Jul 17 2017 - Jul 17 2017
(17 Total)

Recommended Promising But Not Quite There Yet jkappz 4-Fluoroamphetamine 2017 Jul 17
Recommended I Was Curious redblossom Fluoxetine & Cannabis 2017 Jul 17
Mellow, as Always Phlux Codeine 2017 Jul 17
Weightless Limbs and Zero Pain James Morphine 2017 Jul 17
4-FUN Michael_H 4-Fluoroamphetamine 2017 Jul 17
People Popping Out of the Bed MushieMania LSD & MDMA 2017 Jul 17
Out of Whack Priorities opioidlover Morphine & Oxycodone 2017 Jul 17
Punching the Mattress dguiron Salvia divinorum (Salvia) 2017 Jul 17
The Insect Nurse boognish79 DMT 2017 Jul 17
A Construction Paper World Seashell Salvia divinorum (Salvia) 2017 Jul 17
Euphoric Day youdontknowme Codeine 2017 Jul 17
Gentle Clear Headed Feelings Revelator 4-fluromethamphetamine 2017 Jul 17
So High That God Would Need a Telescope K Cannabis 2017 Jul 17
Going Home Again rocco Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2017 Jul 17
Swimming Through The Music Juicer Ketamine & Cannabis - Hash 2017 Jul 17
Chewing On Straws valentine MDMA 2017 Jul 17
Mental Liquid Suspension John Basedow MDMA 2017 Jul 17

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