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Reports from Nov 30 2017 - Nov 30 2017
(30 Total)

Highly Recommended And Suddenly Yugen Another human DMT 2017 Nov 30
Recommended Effective Overdose Senior H.B. Woodrose & Syrian Rue Extract 2017 Nov 30
Bellringer And Game Changer On The First Smoke BREEZE Crack (Freebase Cocaine) 2017 Nov 30
Strong Music - Strong Desire to Go Again MarzBarz MDMA 2017 Nov 30
The World is Spinnin And I Think I Want To Fly Too bad of a habit Crack (Freebase Cocaine) 2017 Nov 30
Mostly for Solo Sex Wayne Isobutyl Nitrite (Poppers) 2017 Nov 30
I Was an Observer, Then I Lost Control Prado Salvia divinorum (15x extract) 2017 Nov 30
I Felt Extraordinarily Normal riburr Lobelia inflata 2017 Nov 30
To My Surprise I Felt the Effects Wayne Nutmeg & NItrites (Poppers) 2017 Nov 30
A Pleasant Complement to the Beer garyoldand_experncd Amanita muscaria 2017 Nov 30
What's the Big Deal Karencrosssdreamer Diazepam 2017 Nov 30
I Was Simply Paralyzed Melkyman Salvia divinorum (10x extract) & Poppy Tea 2017 Nov 30
A View Into Multitasking mantaraydrink ALEPH 2017 Nov 30
No Real Trip Happening at All steelcogito Mushrooms - P. mexicana 2017 Nov 30
Saved By Blue Footballs sandune222 Crack & Alprazolam (Xanax) 2017 Nov 30
Lung Expansion Marco Cannabis 2017 Nov 30
Through the Looking Glass Zach Amanita muscaria 2017 Nov 30
Trying New Things at Age 55 STLBREATHE Methamphetamine & Viagra 2017 Nov 30
Taking One for the Team Graf Orlock Desfontainia spinosa & Cannabis 2017 Nov 30
The Dave Perry Method of San Pedro Preparation Zzantor Cacti - T. pachanoi 2017 Nov 30
Not for Everybody Works for Me The Master Mind Sertraline 2017 Nov 30
The End and The Beginning Rich Salvia divinorum (extract), Beer & Codeine 2017 Nov 30
Not Taking Any More Old geezer Oxymorphone 2017 Nov 30
Eliminating Psychological Pain of OCD and GAD Otis Calm Discovery Hydrocodone 2017 Nov 30
No Problems budsfru Oxycodone & Cannabis 2017 Nov 30
Yellow Jacket Blues captain energy Caffeine & Ephedra 2017 Nov 30
Tucked Between My Cheek and Gums Dream Surfer Cacao & Dreaming 2017 Nov 30
Great Cure for the Misery of a Cold Skriabin Methylphenidate 2017 Nov 30
Total Nirvana Samadhi Union with Christ Hare Krishna Kid Morning Glory 2017 Nov 30
Longterm Effects on Female Emotions Miss Madelyn MDMA (Ecstasy) 2017 Nov 30

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