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New Generally EnjoyableAJLSDMay 29 2017
New I Am a Big Gushing Foolnervewing5-APDBMay 28 2017
New No Night Terrors Just Nightmares NowMaraPrazosinMay 28 2017
New Color Dimension CourtMDMAMay 27 2017
New Quick FunJoshNitrous OxideMay 26 2017
New The Birth of Life ItselfBrianLSD & DMTMay 26 2017
New Everything You Expect Don'togsassmamaLSDMay 26 2017
New Like Stepping Into a Horror FlickLarsDiphenhydramineMay 25 2017
New Really BadDanny_DrifblimsDiphenhydramineMay 25 2017
New RecommendedPrecision and FinesseKaleida2-Oxo-PCEMay 24 2017
New Never Going BackRotterdam4-Fluoramphetamine & EcstasyMay 23 2017
New Tumbling Towards the ElephantsGavinSalvia divinorumMay 22 2017
New The Demons In My BedroomAM4-HO-DET & Cannabis EdibleMay 22 2017
New Confident, Calm and ProsocialFillEthylphenidateMay 21 2017
New Need Further ResearchLiddellEthylphenidateMay 21 2017
New Eight Hours of Periodically DosingHunterEthylphenidate & EtizolamMay 21 2017
New Is It Good When on My OwnHybrid213Ethylphenidate & CannabisMay 21 2017
New RecommendedI Almost Killed MyselflolliebedlamPoppy Seed TeaMay 20 2017
New Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. HydeSixbk-MBDBMay 20 2017
New Plateau SigmaAliceDDXMMay 19 2017
New Another Way to Relate to PeopleartperuMDMAMay 19 2017
New Getting the Spiritual Ball RollingOld MateLSDMay 19 2017
New Hot Chocolate for Max AbsorptionSackbutKavaMay 19 2017
New Wanted to Share the Good VibesErodid too muchMDMA & LSDMay 19 2017
New Highly RecommendedMicrodosing for Seasonal DepressionkatalystMushroomsMay 18 2017
New Trippy and SleepyXoraJButorphanolMay 18 2017
New RecommendedTextures Are Our FriendsXmosisMushrooms - P. cubensisMay 17 2017
New The Dark SorceressSapphic Geometry4-HO-DET & CannabisMay 17 2017
New RecommendedWinter Tofu Dreamseebueb2C-DMay 16 2017
New RecommendedBroken MemoriesKcazSalvia divinorumMay 15 2017

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