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Reports with at least DXM in combination with Chlorpheniramine Maleate
(53 Total)

Recommended Death from 28 Coriciden Pills NY EMT DXM & CPM 2002 Oct 24
OTC Binge or Suicide Attempt? nursemom DXM & CPM (Coricidin) 2017 Sep 01
My Boyfriend Held My Hand and Prayed nicole MDMA (Ecstasy) & DXM (with CPM) 2008 Jan 14
Lying in a Bathroom Stall Mockilock DXM with CPM 2007 Jul 03
My Brain Smeared on Concrete Dilated Pupil DXM (with CPM) & Cannabis 2007 Jun 19
Terrified of Dying aneurysmpunk DXM (with CPM) 2004 Aug 20
Thoughts From an Ex-DXM Junkie Anonymous DXM (with CPM) 2004 May 06
How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Heart Neptron DXM (with CPM) & LSD 2020 Dec 08
Reexamination of C3's DextroBob DXM with CPM 2009 Jun 14
A Fun Day RivetheaD Dextromethorphan HBr, Chloropheniramine Maleate, Cannabis 2009 May 21
3 Months of Hell Ala DXM with CPM 2008 Dec 17
Red Devils Devilish DXM with CPM 2008 Mar 01
Hell Ballz DXM & CPM (Coricidin) 2008 Feb 13
No Heartbeat Corcidin DXM with CPM 2007 Dec 31
Long Term Effects Blake A. DXM (with CPM) & Various 2007 Sep 23
Thought I Was Gonna Die... FoolBinger Caffeine & DXM 2007 Aug 29
Can't Bare Children Kalieldriel DXM with CPM 2007 Jan 12
Lonely House Party Xacci Datura & DXM (with CPM) 2006 Aug 28
Stupid Move, Payed for It Anonymous DXM, CPM & Cannabis 2004 May 07
Collapse from Overdose Anonymous DXM (with CPM) 2003 Jun 04
Death Pill? Anonymous DXM (Coricidin with CPM) 2003 May 14
Hell from Coricidin Alex S. DXM (Coricidin with CPM) 2002 Nov 18
The Cabin in the Woods AuralVein DXM (with CPM) & LSD 2002 Feb 06
DXM, THC and NIN Kevin S. DXM (with CPM) & Cannabis 2002 Jan 09
Corrosion of Coricidin DisqoDolly DXM (with CPM) 2001 Dec 24
Average Kids on DXM jammy DXM (with CPM) 2001 Aug 29
8 hours in hell Anonymous DXM (with CPM) & Cannabis 2001 Mar 01
Bad Trip Nikole M.B. DXM (with CPM) 2000 Sep 09
The Nightmare of Coricidin Anonymous DXM (with CPM) 2000 Aug 03
Life-Line bendyguy DXM (with CPM) 2000 May 31
I Will Probably Have Issues for the Rest of My Life Heather DXM with CPM 2020 May 02
Words Cannot Describe Mike R DXM (Dextromethorphan, Robitussin, Drixora) & Chlorpheniramine Maleate (CPM) 2015 Oct 02
Felt Like I Was Dying (Hospitalization) WayTooMuchh DXM (with CPM) & Various 2010 Oct 15
Motor Skill Problems Former CCC user DXM (with CPM) 2008 Feb 25
One Heck of a Seizure Cough and Cold DXM with CPM & Drug Testing 2007 Nov 30
Farewell to Feeling Angelica Seraphina DXM with CPM 2007 Sep 22
Coricidin Paranoia JackieC DXM, Chlorpheniramine Maleate (Coricidin) 2004 Aug 20
Don't Mess with Coricidin Anonymous DXM (with CPM) 2003 Aug 12
Worse Than It Seems Kym DXM (with CPM) 2002 Feb 24
An Icy Hand Reaching Into My Chest NaTaS DXM (with CPM) 2002 Feb 12
The Fear [Summary] Anonymous DXM (with CPM) 2002 Feb 05
Mob'd Beyond Belief rastas DXM (with CPM) 2001 Dec 26
Long Term High Doses Paul D DXM (with CPM) 2001 Dec 24
DXM and an SSRI Antidepressant jammy DXM (with CPM) & Citalopram (celexa) 2001 Nov 24
Coricidin is not the path OrderOdonata DXM (with CPM) 2001 Oct 30
Whoops, There Goes Reality Moniax DXM (with CPM) & Cannabis 2008 Apr 29
Not Worth It DMX DXM (with CPM) 2007 Apr 16
Weirdest Ever shfghslfg DXM & CPM (Coricidin) 2004 Sep 30
Psychotic Gods merry & winter DXM (with CPM) 2003 Feb 13
Coricidin Misuse - Disaster Waiting Anonymous DXM (Coricidin with CPM) 2002 Oct 30
Coricidin - Nasty Stuff Anonymous DXM (with CPM) 2001 Dec 30
Long Road With Coricidin Bean DXM with CPM 2001 Sep 28
Coricidan Not So Bad For Me Swank Frank DXM (with CPM) 2001 Mar 01

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