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Very Highly Recommended The Maelstrom Man from Chan-Chan Ketamine, 25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe 2013 Apr 22
Highly Recommended Such Beauty seancake 25I-NBOMe 2013 May 26
Highly Recommended 30 Milligrams Later I'm Still Alive Dearpsychonaut 25I-NBOMe 2013 Feb 25
Highly Recommended This is What I Was Looking For Koolumb 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis 2012 May 19
Highly Recommended A Retrospective View J. Bingo 25I-NBOMe 2012 Mar 05
Highly Recommended The God Inside Karcinogenious 25C-NBOMe & 4-AcO-DMT 2012 Feb 06
Highly Recommended Dynamic Range, Psychic Awakening m 25I-NBOMe 2011 Nov 29
Highly Recommended Level by Level FritzTheCat 25C-NBOMe & DMT (?) 2011 Oct 07
Highly Recommended Van-Goghian Masterpiece Dondante 25C-NBOMe 2011 Jun 09
Highly Recommended Too Much too Fast - Insufflation vs Sublingual Jack M 25C-NBOMe 2011 Jun 09
Recommended Touching the Squishyness Cpt._Self 25B-NBOMe & Cannabis 2018 Dec 03
Recommended Glitchy Ego Death smiles 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 31
Recommended The Doom Train M 25I-NBOMe & Salvia divinorum (25X Extract) 2018 Mar 08
Recommended Roller Coaster To Hell On MyFirst Psych Experience DyslexicShovel 25C-NBOMe 2017 Nov 25
Recommended The Dead Man's Dream A Dreamer 25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe 2016 Aug 10
Recommended G is for Generic MrMoran 25G-NBOMe & 25B-NBOMe 2016 Apr 14
Recommended A Superficial Fun Time Raegar 25I-NBOMe 2015 Oct 23
Recommended Short and Sweet but Amazing Ashleyhasink 25C-NBOMe & Cannabis 2015 Aug 19
Recommended A 25Brighter Star in the Contemporary RC Sky Vaya 25B-NBOMe 2014 Aug 01
Recommended Curling Faces Countless Colors Ohio Jones 25B-NBOMe 2014 May 21
Recommended A Peculiar Little World Anomylous 25C-NBOMe & Cannabis 2014 Apr 27
Recommended Another NBOMe Tragedy. Two Tabs of 25B-NBOMe Killed My Brother. PainfulRegret 25B-NBOMe 2014 Mar 31
Recommended Reversible MAOI Interactions MB Moclobemide, MDMA, Amphetamines, NBOmes, 2C-B, Cannabis, et al. 2014 Mar 29
Recommended Infinite Complexity D_Blaze 25I-NBOMe, Cannabis, Adderall, Tobacco & Clonazepam 2014 Jan 21
Recommended A Swirling Hammer of Euphoria to the Skull jsg 25I-NBOMe 2013 Sep 28
Recommended Healing Inward Journey KarmenFriend 25C-NBOMe 2013 Sep 17
Recommended Introspective Efflorescence NotAfraid 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis 2013 Sep 15
Recommended A Night I Will Never Forget astraluniverse 25I-NBOMe, Alcohol, Cannabis & Tobacco 2013 Sep 14
Recommended Can't Believe I Was Ever Afraid SDisk 25C-NBOMe 2013 Sep 06
Recommended Visuals Playground z-bo 25I-NBOMe 2013 Jul 16
Recommended Saint Paddy's Night Trip Grimetime NBOMe Series 2013 Jul 15
Recommended Miscommunication Dr Poptart 25I-NBOMe 2013 Jun 09
Recommended Hell And Back Chindian 25I-NBOMe 2013 Jun 02
Recommended I Realized That I Was Going to Die Banjo 25I-NBOMe 2013 May 09
Recommended A Cleansing Experience I Will Never Forget nemchet 25I-NBOMe, MDMA & Mushrooms 2013 Apr 08
Recommended Life From Inside the Fishbowl Rorgiastic 25C-NBOMe 2013 Mar 22
Recommended I Think I Am Losing Control whoknows 25I-NBOMe 2013 Feb 07
Recommended First and Certainly Not the Last Time NTALWHOWNDRRLOST 25I-NBOMe 2013 Feb 07
Recommended Multiple Perspective NBOMe Freakout TheUtopinator 25I-NBOMe (Sold as LSD) 2013 Feb 01
Recommended High Dose From Hell To Heaven WB 25C-NBOMe 2013 Jan 27
Recommended A First Time Rollarcoaster Ride Anonymous 25C-NBOMe 2012 Dec 25
Recommended One Bad Trip From An Experienced User Fluorite 25I-NBOMe 2012 Nov 26
Recommended The Dance of Psychedelic Hedonism Splash 25I-NBOMe, Cannabis & Methylphenidate 2012 Oct 25
Recommended The Perfect Day Tgarm 25I-NBOMe 2012 Oct 11
Recommended Creating Countless New Worlds Orwell 25I-NBOMe 2012 Oct 05
Recommended Eschers World The Ghost of a flea 25C-NBOMe 2012 Oct 03
Recommended Fear, Loathing in California cryptix420 25I-NBOMe & AMT 2012 Sep 18
Recommended Warped Reality Overtaking Bisco BP92 25C-NBOMe 2012 Aug 14
Recommended A Perfect Psychedelic Cremaster 25I-NBOMe 2012 Jun 26
Recommended Sonnets Edacious Hag 25I-NBOMe 2012 Jun 19
Recommended 25i-NBOMe Induced Dystonia Jaduar 25I-NBOMe & Olanzapine 2012 Jun 11
Recommended A Digital Mess Blackehartededitor 25I-NBOMe 2012 Jan 24
Recommended Miscalculation Time Loop of Destruction Psychedelaholic 25C-NBOMe 2012 Jan 10
Recommended Wow Where Did You Come From Mindexplorer 25I-NBOMe 2011 Dec 16
Recommended The Plateau Heat 25I-NBOMe 2011 Nov 30
Recommended i-LoVE-NBOMe cryptix420 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis 2011 Nov 26
Recommended A Rewarding Foray Obscura 25C-NBOMe 2011 Nov 11
Recommended Shortcut to Happiness Techlos 25C-NBOMe & Cannabis 2011 Nov 01
Recommended NBOMazing Baked G00DS 25I-NBOMe 2011 Nov 01
Recommended Hedonistic Sensory Bomb Jack M 25C-NBOMe 2011 Jul 01
Recommended Almost but Not Quite Zilpe 25D-NBOMe 2011 Jun 09
Emotionally Intense TrippingArthur 25E-NBOMe 2022 Oct 20
The Outward Journey, Too Many pinkoffloyds NBOMe Series 2021 Jun 07
Breakthrough Java 25i-NBOMe 2020 Dec 21
Su Elemento Disociativo Es Claro eldoc 25I-NBOMe 2020 May 19
Infinite Possibilities Ec 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis 2020 Apr 11
Off-Brand Candy Flipping K.F._Mush MDMA & 25I-NBOMe 2020 Apr 10
Too Much Revealed Inner Glow 25I-NBOMe 2019 Dec 19
Euphoria and Paranoia Intertwined vi11a 25B-NBOMe 2019 Jan 17
Psychedelic Rollercoaster rini 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis 2018 Dec 18
Euphorically Sadistic Hell chinzoob 25C-NBOMe 2018 Oct 04
Childlike Wonder and State Anjr00 25C-NBOMe 2018 Oct 03
Came Away With a Commitment James TreeWalker 25I-NBOMe 2018 Sep 09
Wicked Facemelt Diggler 25I-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe & 25D-NBOMe 2018 Sep 08
Another Realm Toddyvedda 25I-NBOMe 2018 Jun 07
Cyclone Society An Average Teenager 25I-NBOMe 2018 Apr 07
So This Is What Dying Is ShadowChild 25I-NBOMe 2017 Dec 19
How Incredibly Lovely... Marty 25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe 2017 Oct 10
Exponential Brain Power Mooobaby 25I-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe, Venlafaxine, Kava & Modafinil 2017 Sep 15
Breaking Out From The World of Wonk Triperino 25D-NBOMe & Cannabis 2017 Aug 04
Tripping Alone Meeting God Kit 25C-NBOMe 2017 Aug 01
Woodland Wonderland Tamino 25I-NBOMe 2017 Jan 10
Everything Was Out to Get Me Anonymous NBOMe Series Compound (Presumed) 2016 Nov 05
The Secret Sessions Delta Mike MXE, NBOMe Series, LSD, Cannabis & Sleep Deprivation 2016 Oct 13
Melting Shimmering Rainbows Cosmos 25I-NBOMe 2016 Oct 05
Pure Bliss Miss Danger 25I-NBOMe 2016 Aug 12
Luminous Holiday pixelism 25C-NBOMe 2016 Jul 05
Deeply Synchronistic smallhippyblonde 25I-NBOMe & Nitrous Oxide 2016 Jun 19
Panic and Confusion J 25I-NBOMe (sold as LSD) 2016 Jun 13
Rocketing Across a City nervewing MDMA, Mushrooms & 25C-NBOMe 2016 Jun 09
Incredible and Quite Manageable Ella 25C-NBOMe & PB-22 2016 May 22
Cleaning Listening and Eating jaggerjack 25B-NBOMe 2016 Apr 13
Exploring the Present in the Future ZLPer 25D-NBOMe 2016 Feb 08
Auditory Enlightenment PicACIDo 25I-NBOMe 2015 Dec 22
An Interesting Night nervewing 25C-NBOMe 2015 Nov 19
Reality is the Final Arbiter ArylcycloMan 3-MeO-PCP, 25C-NBOMe, & Supplements 2015 Sep 03
Exacerbation of Cystitis Neon_Aurora 25C-NBOMe 2015 May 13
The Way it Looks When a Mind Comes Apart Doctor_Scrambles_MD AMT & 25I-NBOMe 2014 Dec 17
My Last Dance with 25-B NBOMBER 25B-NBOMe 2014 Dec 12
First Time Will Not Be My Last Earit 25C-NBOMe 2014 Dec 12

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