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Highly Recommended Truely The Devils Weed Chimpanzee Datura (seeds) 2004 Nov 21
Highly Recommended A Rebirth Wyrd Datura 2004 Nov 13
Highly Recommended Mouth of Madness Timmy Datura 2004 Jan 10
Highly Recommended Datura Extractions and Effect THE WATCHER Datura 2002 May 22
Highly Recommended Dark and Hopeless Hell tek22 Datura 2002 Apr 07
Highly Recommended A Delerious Experience Maverick Datura inoxia 2000 Oct 14
Recommended Flying Ointment and Having Visions grimmr nyr drengr Belladonna, Datura, Mandrake, Valerian & Cinquefoil 2020 Nov 16
Recommended Hellishly Fantastical Samwise Datura & Cannabis 2013 Dec 22
Recommended An Accidental Meeting Theophany Blackfoot Belladonna 2013 Dec 11
Recommended A Battle for Earth's Existence sleepwalker Amanita muscaria & Belladonna 2013 Oct 22
Recommended My Evening With Datura Justin Datura 2012 Apr 11
Recommended Death and Psychic Dinosaurs daturodactyl brugsmansia 2012 Feb 16
Recommended Clawed by a Giant Eagle Disco Datura & Cannabis 2011 Feb 20
Recommended Moonflower Sun Tea The Black Rider Datura 2010 Dec 11
Recommended My Father, Myself, and Everything else Drew Brugmansia & Valium 2010 Jul 17
Recommended Possessed by the Goddess Delight Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Jul 15
Recommended Delerium in Perdition Mushroomagic Datura 2010 May 17
Recommended Treading the Waters of Surreality Psychedelic Magnate Datura (Datura inoxia) 2009 Aug 09
Recommended Scaredy Cat Double D Datura (Innoxia) 2009 Aug 09
Recommended Angel Trumpet and Devil Trombone Beryl Brugmansia 2009 Jul 07
Recommended A Brush with Death and Total Confusion The Trickster Datura 2009 Mar 26
Recommended The Chemist Shop Trip Angelika Belladonna (tincture) 2008 Apr 19
Recommended Temptations of a Datura Smoker Skinchipsanpeas Datura & Various 2007 Nov 03
Recommended Datura Seeds Up Alex Datura 2007 Feb 26
Recommended Unintelligent Experiment Borealis Datura 2007 Feb 17
Recommended My Encounter with the Sprit Guide, or the All Gabriel Datura 2006 Dec 27
Recommended For I Have Tasted the Trumpet of Experiences Witch Docta Brugmansia 2006 Oct 18
Recommended 3 Weeks In Its Reality Oliver Brugmansia 2006 Sep 03
Recommended Oh Rats! It's Deceiving! The Pie-Eyed Piper Datura 2006 Sep 01
Recommended Witch's Brew Witchy Belladonna 2006 Aug 21
Recommended Untold Truth Pappy Datura 2006 Aug 16
Recommended A Mystical Sword Fight with Musashi Tim Datura 2006 Jun 21
Recommended Talking Pillows Psychonaut 420 Brugmansia 2006 May 05
Recommended I No Longer Live In The Real World Into Life Slumber Datura 2006 Apr 18
Recommended The Halls of the Trumpet Rose Wine Datura 2006 Mar 19
Recommended Not So Cold to Me IndigoSunrise Brugmansia candida & Calea zacatechichi 2006 Feb 20
Recommended Sensory Illusion Destroyed The Craic Mushrooms - P. semilanceata, Amanita muscaria, Belladonna & Brugmansia 2006 Jan 01
Recommended Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden Sasha Datura 2005 Dec 25
Recommended I'm Eating McDonalds Terry Datura 2005 Dec 05
Recommended Up All Night Long in the Amazon anonymous Brugmansia 2004 Dec 15
Recommended Nightmares in Flux Jaymz Datura 2004 Oct 29
Recommended Strong Trip, but Long Lasting After-Effects Reformed Datura (Seeds) 2004 Jun 11
Recommended Don't Do It Alone Dr.Zoidberg Brugmansia 2004 Mar 29
Recommended A Tale of Nudity, Arrest & Insanity..... Crystallinesheen Datura 2002 Sep 24
Recommended Eating Bugs While My Friends Convulsed Mikey Datura 2002 Apr 07
Recommended Ecuadoran Amazon Journey Budding Shaman Brugmansia 2001 Aug 29
Recommended The Terror John Brugsmansia sanguinea 2001 Jul 10
Recommended Discovering Delerium Jason Goyer Datura stramonium 2001 Feb 24
Recommended Threshold Sleep Komrade Datura stramonium 2001 Feb 22
Recommended Datura Deterrant Josh Datura 2000 Oct 08
Recommended Strongest Thing I've Ever Taken Alter Ego Datura 2000 Oct 05
Recommended Wakened Dreaming Dean Archer Datura 2000 Sep 09
Recommended Datura the Temptress Abdul Rahman Datura 2000 Jun 14
Recommended Elemental Insights Panda Monium Datura 2000 May 31
On a Third Day I Regained My Ability to Read Ignashu Datura 2020 May 22
Fairly Positive D. Smith Datura 2019 Feb 01
Weren't We Talking About Yu-Gi-Oh Cards skaffanderr Datura 2018 Sep 25
Scary but I Liked It datura fan 2012 Datura 2018 Sep 05
More Visions Huper Huasca Brew (B. caapi & A. confusa) & Datura 2017 Apr 19
Psychic Network Mayhem Noderator of old Datura Root 2016 Sep 03
A Dimension I Never Want to Return To Lawrence Datura 2016 Jul 15
Finding My Way Into Life's Dream WK Brugmansia 2016 Jan 28
Disturbed Reality Entropy Datura 2016 Jan 15
Beyond Anything idk...anymore Datura & Fluoxetine 2015 May 03
Entering Insanity Marty M Belladonna (root) & Cannabis 2014 Sep 29
A Pandora's Box jroc Datura 2013 Aug 04
Asthma-induced Hallucinations John Darrin Asthmador 2013 Jun 04
The Dark Cup Rhys D Datura stramonium, Amanita muscaria & Alcohol 2012 Nov 07
Wildest Night Ever Great B Brugmansia 2012 Nov 03
Bodily Invasion Philster Datura 2011 Nov 07
Wierd but Entertaining Sky man Datura 2011 Feb 20
Stepping into the Spirit World Alex Datura 2011 Feb 20
Bitten by Delirium Jack_TheRipper Datura (Datura stramonium) 2011 Feb 20
The Three Day Night Dgirl Datura (Datura Stramonium) 2011 Feb 20
Waking Dreams Sam Brugmansia, Calea zacatechichi & Cannabis 2011 Feb 01
I Must Be Crazy Goony Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Jul 19
Not Quite What I Had Expected Barton Datura (seeds) 2010 May 05
Possible Remedy For Overdose? Hatoner Datura, LSD, Alcohol & Tea (orange leaf) 2010 Mar 14
Mr. Video Camera Waydown Datura, Cocaine, Cannabis, Alcohol & Nitrous Oxide 2010 Mar 13
Learning Respect the Hard Way Psilophile Datura & Cannabis 2010 Mar 13
The Consequence of Ignorance Shiggidy Shlade Datura 2010 Mar 13
Interesting Choice for my First Hallucinogen K Datura 2010 Jan 26
The Stuff of Illusion Merlin Datura (Datura inoxia) 2009 Aug 28
An Unholy Matrimony of Blook, Fire and Death deCypher Datura & Cannabis 2009 Aug 06
Fantastically Unique SpacingVading Datura Metel 2009 May 25
Powerful Visions, but not for Fun. Tapariyas Brugmansia suaveolens 2008 Sep 14
Sparkling Cottonwoods Amidst Red Rock Towers Josh Datura 2008 Sep 03
This is Madness Dead Ringer Datura 2008 Sep 03
I Lost My Pets and Almost Burned the House Down Lucky Datura 2008 Jun 15
Trumpet Fever ChrisP Brugmansia 2008 May 04
For Dreamtime Omen Datura Stramonium & Dreams 2008 Mar 09
A Curious Mind Jamie Datura (Jimson Weed) 2008 Jan 23
A Late Summer NIghts Dream Estromer Datura (Taken as Morning Glory) 2007 Dec 27
A Window to Insanity p7 Datura 2007 Dec 16
Hundreds of Hummingbirds kellyb975 Datura 2007 Dec 16
The Strangest, Craziest Experience of My Life SwEEt Datura 2007 Nov 28
Dazed Smashcrab Datura 2007 Nov 15
The Other Side Jason Datura & Cannabis 2007 Oct 16
Powerful Hallucinogen Growing Down the Street Irie Brugmansia 2007 Sep 19
The Death Ball Nony46 Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue, & M. tenuiflora, & Belladonna) 2007 Sep 04

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