Happy Fun Wreck-Time
Citation:   obscuredbyclouds. "Happy Fun Wreck-Time: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp100130)". Erowid.org. Jun 14, 2013. erowid.org/exp/100130

1 hit sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Iíve tripped on 25I before. Sure, it was sold as mescaline the first time and I didnít know better, but Iíve done it before. Loved it. Was a small dose I think, didnít know then, guessing now that it was probably 500 Ė 700 Ķg. My first trip was with my friend D. We both thought it was nice, not too crazy, fun visuals and euphoria. I personally did it again probably a week or so later at school, had another awesome experience, smoked bud when I got home, felt AMAZING. Now, about 7 months later, a guy I know buys more 25I off of silk road, apparently good shit, strong. 1100 Ķg tabs. He said itís probably going to be twice as strong as I remember my last trips being. Iím down with that. So is D. Our friend G preorders with $20, ends up getting 5 tabs because our guy is nice. G of course really wasnít planning at first, but we started contemplating, still unsure because we didnít know how heíd react to it. I told him to just hold on until we could gauge how strong the trip was, and then maybe he take half a tab.

Come Friday, D meets me and G outside of the highschool, we walk home to Gís house where the trip will take place (G lives right by the school). Weíre pretty hyped, of course, me and D. We know n-bomb is some fun shit. We get there at 3 PM or so, D gets some food (not good dropping the n-bomb on an empty stomach, lol) Now, it begins. The great ~10 hour trip.

T+0:00 Ė The time is 3:49 PM. I remember this, even two weeks later. Made note of the time. Me and D cut our tabs from the blotter strip, and place the tabs in our mouths. I decide this time that Iím going to hold my saliva in my mouth without swallowing, unlike the last two times, because I want a strong experience. I do this, and also make sure to hold the tab under my tongue. D doesnít hold his spit, he doesnít think itís necessary (it technically isnít completely necessary, but it does help absorb more kinda. Not that I have anything to back me up, but common sense, when you think about its bioavailability) but w/e. We watch China, IL because god bless that beautiful show.

T+0:40 Ė I swallow my tab, finally. It was getting hard to keep the tab in place, even keep track of it (another reason to hold your spit in, to make sure you donít swallow the tab), because if youíve done n-bomb, you know how it numbs everything and makes your saliva feel thick and viscous, so yeah. But whatever, the taste is horrible (although props to the chemist, he managed to cover up the bitterness pretty well, we both agreed it didnít get bitter until like 25 minutes!) I took a sip of apple juice. UGH, horrible choice. I look around, I can already see color enhancement. I am shaking with excitement, a bit chilly. Yep, n-bomb. This is the onset. Itís like when you drink a shitload of coffee on an empty stomach, pretty much. I didnít get nauseous at all this time, however! Cool stuff. D did, because he just ate, he thought he ate too much. Oh well, he was fine.

T+1:00 Ė Visuals really starting to set in. Getting my first tracers. We had a laser pointer, holy shit, trails. Fun. G says, ďIím going to take a tab.Ē We tell him not to, we have no idea how strong these are, how he reacts to it, but he insists heís going to be fine because heís going to take the small tab. We shrug it off. VERY irresponsible, friends donít let friends do stupid shit like that. But he put the tab in, and thatís that, we think ďHeíll be fine.Ē

T+1:30 Ė I remember that visuals were at ĺ strength at this point. Breathing surfaces, waving edges, crazy neon colors, and tracers, all that I was used to. I think G swallowed his tab now. Cool. We decide to take a walk outside.

We stepped outside, and it was fucking beautiful as expected. Everything is like a dream, and walking on the sidewalk feels a lot like walking when Iím reallllyyyy stoned, except even more so psychedelic than ever. Itís so bright, and I loved it. We walk by the school, outside the stadium. I feel exposed, afraid to be seen, but then I realize thatís just the psychedelics speaking, and push the anxiety away, and donít care. I feel pretty confident about my abilities to push away anxieties during trips.

Thereís a lacrosse game going on. Oh. It looks like itís halftime, because a bunch of people are dancing and jumping around and flipping and twisting and turning, and music is blastingÖ then I look closer, and as things get less fuzzy, I realizeÖ itís just a bunch of people playing lacrosse. Yeah, I was tripping out. I feel anxious to go back home, though, and almost externalize it, but manage to dissipate that anxiety. ďCalm down, self. Would you be anxious going for a walk out here sober? No, you wouldnít. Itís all good.Ē I comfort myself, and just focus on the beauty on the nature during spring time, and the eternity of plants. I comforted myself, ďthe plants are beautiful, and will always be beautiful for you.Ē I like this. We walk home. Gabeís effects are starting to really set in. He finds it crazy, and I actually do feel a little anxious about getting home, because I have no idea how strong the trip was about to get, and we were ALL tripping, and outside. It was a logical anxiety, so I tried to hold on to it, but not externalize it to freak the others out.

T+2:00 Ė I think that walk was 30 minutes, and then we got back home. When we came inside, I noticed how extremely orange the lighting seemed. So orange. Strange. Neon. I liked it a lot. Cool warm mood. I donít remember most of what we did, mostly just sat around talking, G was starting to get weirded out by the effects I think. He was staying away from his bed, because he said that it freaked him out, as every time he looked down, it breathed. I loved the visuals. If I stared at something, itíd start growing faces, and itíd start growing in size, until I blink and it resets. Trippy.

T+2:30 Ė G stands up, and is basically communicating ďI do not like this. Am I going to be okay?Ē Suddenly, he blacks out. I catch him. This kinda freaks out me and D, but I lie him on the bed, and go ďokay, we need A.Ē A is a friend of me and G, who is part of a band we all have. When G comes back to, I tell him to call A over. He does, somehow.

T+3:00 Ė ďAĒ arrived. He banged on the door a whole lot trying to freak us outÖ which worked. What a cunt. In all seriousness, heís a really cool guy. Anyways, it comforts me a whole lot having a sober, straightforward person here now. Although he keeps trying to mess with us, but thatís actually very entertaining. We continue talking, and I skype.

T+4:00 Ė These timestamps arenít really that accurate, so Iím going hour by hour, but yeah, G eventually passes out again. Not really passes out, just blacks out, like, his eyes are mostly open, he just stops talking, and his legs give in. I catch him again, and lie him down. This is luckily the last time this happens. A assures us all that weíre all just fine, just tripping balls, and if anyone is actually in critical condition, heíll get help. This calms us. More talking, keeping our minds occupied. We look at random shit on the internet I think, whilst skyping with people I forget.

T+5:00 Ė G is finally coming back to reality around this time. This is a relief to everyone. He still feels really weird and out of it, with the lingering anxiety of his parents finding out hanging over him, but at least he can use his basic senses now. We go out to the basement living room and jam (everyone else was feeling claustrophobic)
It was a fucking amazing jam session. We were all in sync. Hell, it maybe even sounded like shit. But it was so psychedelic. I couldnít even sing. I was so entranced, and everyone was just jamming away. We donít usually just do regular rock stuff, but manÖ psychedelic. I knew then exactly what psychedelic rock meant, even if the rock we were playing wasnít entirely true to the psychedelic aspect. I could only manage to let out noises and sounds, and whispered spoken word. His parents must have been like ďwhat the fuck.Ē Then again, we usually do weird shit.

T+6:00 - whenever Ė I think A left at like T+5:30 or so that day. It was soon after the jam session. We started watching boring videos on YT and laughing our fucking asses off. Itís the videos that arenít supposed to be funny that are the funniest. We said the most retarded shit and found it funny. Like being really stoned. This went on for most of the night I think.

At some point, we went for a walk again, at night. It was much calmer then. Visuals were still lingering, I think it was like 7 or 8 hours in. Still some tracers, enhanced colors, sharpness, breathing, etc. Just lighter effects. We talked about the day. G doesnít want to do anymore psychedelics. Shame his first experience had to be so terrifying. We were all terrified a few times that day. But me and D managed to keep ourselves under control. Managed to go to sleep at like, 2 AM. It was hard at first, thought loops, mental chatter, etc. Woke up the next morning with a headache, red eyes. Fixed that with some breakfast and vitamins and WATER.

In retrospect, Iíve learned a lot. Mostly, be responsible for your friends around substances. Do not let them take things you know will probably fuck them up, especially such experimental substances which have little factual research behind them. We were VERY irresponsible, and have learned from this experience.
Personally, this experience made me love 25I even more, but Iíve found my limit. I donít think I want to go above 1100 Ķg, mostly because I canít take any more muscle tension on my face.

Stay safe.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100130
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Jun 14, 2013Views: 9,082
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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