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Extreme Madness
Methoxetamine, GHB & AM-2201
Citation:   Contain. "Extreme Madness: An Experience with Methoxetamine, GHB & AM-2201 (exp100156)". Dec 20, 2013.

  smoked JWH-018
    smoked AM-2201
    insufflated Methoxetamine
    oral GHB
I have been using various drugs for 7 years.

This happened when I was at rehab for my addiction, while me not being motivated at all, I was looking for drugs to pass the urine test, and I eventually found research chemicals.

Another fellow rehab guy had JWH-018, he got caught because another member he gave it to thought he was really going to die by this, the rehab had to call an ambulance for him, cus he really thought he was going to die. Next day we all found out, and he told everyone he threw the rest away, and the fellow drug addict I am I thought to myself BULLSHIT, later that night I went to his room and asked him if he had more, of course he had ;) and he took a cigarette, and soaked the tip in this white powder, I said is that really enough???? He said mm yee.

I went fast and furiously back to my room, straight to the bathroom, I broke off the filter lighted and sucked to the bottom off my lungs, cus I thought it was too little, while it was prolly 1-3mg while the dose is 0.04.

So after about 10 sec I immediately felt it (btw sober for 6-7 months, no thc cross tolerance) BIG smile snuck on me and after 1 minute it was still climbing so I had to sit down, went to my computer put on music, I was diggin it when I was suddenly hit by the thought this is not stopping, the high was climbing and climbing, it was dominant, power is all I can say and I was fascinated by how strong this was getting, the music was great.

I got very paranoid but I still loved the dominant high, I was afraid someone would come in and bust me so I was forced to lay on the bed, I can actually not describe this very well but it kept increasing, my legs started to shake uncontrollable like vibrators, I had to constantly control my thoughts to the positive and tell myself I'm not going to die, and I said in my head 'now I know why this other dude thought he was going to die and wanted an ambulance' so I relived myself with that thinkin I would still be alive next morning, but still I was fascinated by how heavy this was, next morning my bed had moved 10 cm from the wall probably because of the shaking in my legs.

Now this guy was empty, and I had to get more. I researched online and quickly found a vendor providing some new cannabinoids. AM-2201 and they had something else Ketamine derivate Methoxetamine.

I bought both. When this arrived I instantly smoked the AM-2201 witch had even better effect than JWH-018 and more of a quality high to it, me and some other 'friends' in there smoked it together and we all sat like statues in the living room sayin 'shh' to each other every time we all said something, because of the paranoia.

Next day I snorted 1-2 cm line of Methoxetamine. 1 hour later I went down to the tv room at the rehab (its over 40 patients here) but I was alone. So I turned on Animal Planet and there was this program from africa where they were going to sedate this hippo because of an injury, I've read about A LOT of medicine and drugs.

While they were waiting for the tranquilizer to take effect I got this extreme indescribable thought and connection shit happening thinking 'holy shit, they probably use Ketamine to sedate that hippo?' and I thought is this hippo feeling what I'm feeling? Being that Methoxetamine is a Ketamine derivate? Is he in this sick mindset that I'm in right now? I had an extreme connection to this hippo while he was lying there I didn't care about the folks, I was looking at him, his eyes, thinkin shit he is holing right there, he have to feel something.

Next I went up to the cabin where me and 3 other patients lived, I went on youtube and wrote different messages on each video to OTHER Methoxetamine/Ketamine users who was probably watching that comment while on this same drug like a code only we under influence of this drug could understand, and I was repeatedly going back and back to the same spot on the same video to watch the thing again and again because it was never perfect and I needed to watch it when I was perfect in mindset, my mind was like what? To everything and everything was hard to understand, after 30min of this 2 off my fellow rehab m8s came in (girl and a boy) they were laughing soooooooo fucking hard and I was fucked up and didn't know what to think of it, but something was wrong it crossed my mind had they taken anything? And boeing-747 was I right.

This guy came 4-5 days ago and little did I know he was a huge GHB junkie, and of course had some with him.

So I humbly asked what was happening to them, like, 'what the fuck have you guys taken?' and after 3-4 minutes judging each other if they or I was gonna rat me or them out, I got it out of them they had taken GHB, and I said to them you wouldn't even know, I'm reaaally screwed up on this shit I bought online, and the girl started laughing even harder cus I seemed more normal than ever sitting there and we had both taken something. It was actually very funny moment.

So course we shared I took some GHB witch I never had tried before and they Methoxetamine, and after 1 hour they n I were more fucked up than ever, we didn't understand shit what was going on, we didn't know what to do, the GHB made this euphoric as hell it was reeaaaally damn fucking orgasmlove feeling while not understanding shit what was going on. So we did this until nightfall. Then I decided time to bring the big guns in (witch to this date I would have never ever done again), I went smiling to the room, came smiling out with the AM-2201 bag in my hand, dipped 3 cigarettes, of cource filters off, suck to the bottom of your lungs I comes the craziest most heavy thing and feeling and connection for a brief moment I have EVER EXPERIENCED!!!!!!!!!!

This guy was sitting cross over for me, we sucked the siggarette, and hold it in, blew out. And then after 10-40 seconds after the hit, me, and the other guy looked at each other straight in the eyes and I said, 'shit, what happened now?' and after 5 more seconds we both fucking raised our hand, and did a high five.

This moment, when this happened, was the most heavy, extreme, connection ever happened to me, it was like we read each others mind, it was like we felt the same fucking thing at every microsecond, the high five was ultimate, it was like our minds were one I will never experience that again, and it makes up for what happened next.

After 1-2-3 more minutes I lost all control, the room was wobbling, it was like being in a storm, my body felt like it was waving from side to side, more heavy than salvia hit, like times a hundred salvia, times 500 the JWH-018 I told earlier, and I said in the most paranoid way 'what is going on? What is happening now?'

For some reason I got very paranoid for the girl as I was thinking she also felt this, and was going to bust us by telling, I stood up, and it was like standing on a surfboard for the first time without balance and my body was, actually swinging from side to side at the hips, I was standing like a retard on the floor like I was trying to get balance, like on a surfboard, literally I was also moving like I was standing on one, while the room was moving back and forth, I grabbed the girl in the arm, while I panicked and tried to drag her to the room, sayin 'You have to go to the room, this is not good, you have too, this is really bad.'

And then the worst part of the experience happened, it got even worse and I looked at her, and the room got worse, the storm got worse it was like me and her were moving back and towards each other from 1 feet to 7-8 meters back and forth and back and forth.

I could not handle it anymore and I was 'surfing' back to my room swinging from side to side down the hall witch was like 10 meters, I must have looked like a sooo f***cking retard going down that hall, I got to my room, turned off the lights n immediately laid on my bed, that's when the CEV started, HEAVY, I had no hallucinations. The whole day but this CEV was like real images and half movement, I do not know how much time went and I can only recall what I write next after this.

I closed my eyes and again, it was like struggling to hold on to reality, there was this bent over poker table, with 5 rats on, totally black background, throwing dices, nothing else, and it was my life they were playing with, they were evil, the next thing I remember was this, a rope, the thick rope you tie a ship to land with when it is on shore, and it was like a camera I was looking out of zoomed in on 10-15cm of the rope and at the same time saw it from a different angle at myself from shore, and that was NOT me looking at myself, I saw ME stiff as a stick, floating mid air, forced to look at this piece of the rope, it was empty, I could hear the ocean, but this piece of the rope I was forced to look at I was stuck in, this was the only thing left in the world, it was such a brutal empty feeling of nothingness, it was like being a rope, no feeling, no nothing, this is the most brutal creepy feeling I have ever had.

While this was happening I tried to think positive, but I could not reach the thought, this whole scenario took over, it wouldn't let me think, it was this, everything else shut out, horror of the extreme.

I don't remember more, and next thing I know I woke up the following day, feeling just fine, but with a massive question mark of wtf happened?

I have later tried n-ethyl-ketamine done the same thing, let it set on, then later on smoked AM-2201 and MAM-2201 combined, I sat down on the bed and said COME ON!!! Like throw at me all you got, but it was more positive and I flew trough some kind of universe, listening to the most beautiful masterpiece of a song I've ever heard, this was without GHB and cannot come close to what happened with MXE, GHB and AM-2201.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 100156
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Dec 20, 2013Views: 9,542
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GHB (25), Methoxetamine (527), AM-2201 (529) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Hospital (36)

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